Welcome New Students!

Westmont College believes the unique residential experience on campus is a key element of your total educational experience. The transformative, diverse, and Christ-centered community life offers a distinctive learning environment in which you and others can grow in your capacity to live, love, and learn. In community, you will learn to bridge differences, be shaped by and contribute to campus life, and be challenged to extend your learning into daily life experiences. Therefore, living on campus is a condition for attending Westmont for most undergraduate full-time students.

Roommate Matching

While students have the option to mutually self-select a first-year roommate on the housing form, most incoming students are paired together and placed in a residence hall room by Residence LIfe staff. All residence hall rooms to which new students are assigned are either triple or double occupancy, so almost every incoming student will have a roommate. Incoming students have the opportunity to complete a housing preference form after they confirm their attendance to the college. The housing form should be completed honestly and candidly to help Residence Life staff pair incoming students. Extraordinary care is given to placing first-year roommates, and the following types of things are considered:

  • Personal interests/hobbies
  • Sleep schedule
  • Specific roommate preferences
  • Study habits

On average, 35-40 percent of new students choose to remain with the same roommate for the following year.

First-Year Housing Options

All 2017-2018 first-year students will reside on upper campus in one of the three residence halls: Clark, Emerson, or Page. Each of these halls on upper campus will house about 2/3 first-years and 1/3 sophomore students. For more information about the halls, go to the Residence Life site.

Transfer Students

Rooms for transfer students throughout the campus residence halls (with the exception of the new Global Leadership Center, or GLC) are blocked out during the annual housing process for returning students so that new transfer students will be integrated throughout the community. Some transfer students are placed with other new transfer students; some are placed with current, returning students.

Residence Hall FAQs

See "Check-In>What to Bring" at the Residence Life site for questions and more information:

  • What should I bring and not bring?
  • When is check-in? (this is also found under Check-In at this Housing site)
  • How do I check-in?
Meal plans

On-campus residents (excluding GLC residents) are required to have a meal plan, and all first-year residents are required to have the Standard meal plan during the Fall semester. Upper class students are assigned the Standard plan unless another plan is requested in writing to Housing (housing@westmont.edu). See Meal Plans for more information.

View your housing and meal plan information

Housing and meal plan assignments for new students are posted online at the Student Profile by June 5 for the Fall semester, but sometimes earlier or later.

The college website displays housing and contact information as follows:

  • Student Profile : includes name(s) of roommate(s) with home contact information, housing assignments for both current and upcoming semesters, and your Westmont mail box and combination (as soon as it is assigned by the Post Office).
  • Res Hall Layouts: displays names of current students in the residence halls, and upcoming semester assignments.
  • Student Directory : displays students' mail box #s, email addresses, and phone and home information.

    Privacy Note: Students who do not want their information displayed on the Res Hall Layouts or Student Directory may ask the Records Office to block it.

    Students must use their Westmont user name and password to access their profile page. Those who have not set up their password for network access may do so by selecting "Change Your Password?" at the profile login. If you have questions or difficulties with password issues, please contact Information Technology at ithelp@westmont.edu.
Orientation & Arrival
  • Incoming students are urged to take advantage of Orientation. See Orientation FAQs.
  • For move-in information upon arrival, see Check-In.
Special Needs or Concerns

Students with special or confidential housing concerns or needs should contact David King, Housing Director (dking@westmont.edu) and/or Sheri Noble, Director of Disability Services.

If you are a new student with any special or confidential circumstances, or questions regarding your housing plans, contact David King, Housing Director (dking@westmont.edu).