Away-Abroad Students (During the Spring)

Most housing for the Fall semester (and Spring too, for those who want to be off-campus local commuters) is reserved during housing sign-ups in March/April. We make it possible for students away-abroad during the Spring semester to participate from afar in all of the housing sign-up processes in March and April. However, it is prudent to plan in advance and act before deadlines. Also, back-up plans should be made in the event one's most preferred housing for the following academic year is not able to be reserved.

If you hope to reside off-campus, you must have attended an Off-Campus Living Workshop in December or March, or in a previous academic year.

If you hope to reside on-campus, we recommend you authorize one or more students to serve as your proxy during the main housing selection event. You should use one or more of the group request forms (below) to form mutually-agreeing groupings. The early group requests have the earliest deadlines.

If you are not requesting off-campus or participating in an early group opportunity, complete and submit your group housing request by April 1. Also, make sure that whoever is part of your group request does his/her part to complete the request and make it mutual.

  1. To request off-campus locally (OCL), you need to submit the online form Request for Off Campus by the March deadline and indicate the semester(s) you are requesting. When you submit a completed request, you should get a screen confirmation message PLUS a summary of your request will be emailed to you. All requestors will be notified by email on March 18 whether the request is granted, waitlisted, or denied. Denial may be due to not having attended a previously-scheduled Off-Campus Living Workshop.
  2. No individual housing requests will be considered during housing sign-ups, so you must "fill a room or apartment" in order to reserve it. You should use a Group Request form to mutually form a group with one or more others in order to fill a room or apartment. Deadlines vary; see below. If you are unable to get approval to live off-campus, it is important to form a roommate grouping in order to reserve a room or apartment during sign-ups. You may use Roommate Finder at the Housing website to list your name, or see others, who are looking for a roommate.
  3. If you are NOT part of a successful roommate grouping for housing sign-ups, you will not be housed until after sign-ups have concluded. Use the Request for Specific Location (see below) to indicate your location preferences. Your housing placement will be made during the summer.
Deadlines for online forms

Squatters Rights group request deadline is 9:00 PM (PST) April 4, 2016. Go to Squatters Rights for information and the online request form. Squatters will be confirmed at each residence hall on April 5.

Early group request for Ocean View deadline is 9:00 AM (PST) April 4, 2016. Go to Ocean View Apartments for description or to the request form below. Successful group requests for Ocean View will be announced on April 6, and specific apartments will be selected by successful groups the following night on April 7.

Request for Specific Location allows you to communicate that you are participating in a group request, BUT at least one of the students in the grouping must attend housing sign-ups in person to reserve housing. The only alternative is to have one or more authorized proxies attend in person on your behalf. If your entire group Request for a Specific Location is comprised of away-abroad students, nobody will reserve housing for you during sign-ups. Arrnage for one or more students to serve as your group's proxy.


  • Request for Specific Location. This request is for a group to mutually-request a specific residence hall. It is possible to describe alternate locations on the form under the "Room" field. The "Room" field is limited to 35 characters, so abbrev ...)
Proxy online form

Proxy authorization must be done prior to the main Housing Selection event: early is better than later.

Since the proxy form is web-based, authorizations should be made in advance of the Housing Selection event in April. See Warning* below. Last-minute proxy authorizations can sometimes fail electronically.

Away-abroad students who do not apply for an Ocean View apartment, or participate in a Squatters Rights group, may arrange for someone to select their housing in person during the Housing Selection event in April:

Ask a current student to select housing in person on your behalf by proxy.* This will give a proxy the power to choose the specific room location.

See also Fall Housing Assignments>Away-Abroad Students planning for Fall.


Failure to be part of a mutually-requesting group, or failure to authorize a proxy in time for your housing sign-up at the Housing Selection event, or failure of your proxy to attend the Housing Selection event on your behalf . . . may result in no housing being reserved on your behalf during the Housing Selection.