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Information: Housing Sign-Ups for Next Year 2018-2019


Each spring semester, currently enrolled students request housing for the upcoming academic year by participating in the annual housing process called "Housing Sign-Ups for Next Year." This process is sequentially spread out for about two months to reduce stress for students. Housing for the Fall 2018 semester will be assigned through this process. The process considers some housing requests for the Spring 2019 semster, as well (i.e. off-campus living and flex-triples--see below).

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Stay here to read about how the online request application works, and to read everything about the sign-ups process:

Timeline and Deadlines

Group Request: How the Sign-Ups request application works

Due Dates, Notification Dates, & Selection Events

Flex-Triples & Designated triples

Off-Campus Living

Types of Housing

The Point System


Class Year Distribution

Proxy Authorizations


Residence Requirement

Timeline & Deadlines

Local Commuter due to Special Circumstance applications

Due Date:

Friday, February 23

Local Commuter by Lottery applications:


For individuals or groups of 2 to 6.

Due Date:

Friday, February 23

Ocean View applications:

Requires a group of 3 or 4.


Squatters Privilege is automatically recognized on the request form.

Due Date:

Friday, February 23


HOUSING SIGN-UPS INFO MTG Page-MPR, 9:00-10:00pm Tuesday, Feb 27
Off-campus decisions made & announced Notification date:

Tuesday, March 6

Ocean View decisions made & announced Notification date: Monday, March 5
Ocean View room selection

Selection Event:

Adams 217, 8:30-9:30pm

Tuesday, March 6

GLC applications "Global Leadership Center" for doubles AND flex-triples.


There is no Squatters Privilege for the GLC.

NEW! Due Date: Monday, March 19 by 12noon

MARCH 12-16

GLC decisions made and announced Notification date: Monday, March 19
GLC room selection

NEW! Selection Event date in

GLC classroom, 3:30-5:00pm

Tuesday, March 27


Triple applications: Includes VK triples, and flex-triples in Armington, Clark, Emerson & Page. Requires a group of 3 in the application.


Excludes GLC flex-triples, as they are requested earlier on the GLC request form.


Squatters Privilege is automatically recognized on the request form.

Due Date:

Friday, April 6


Triple decisions made & announced Notification date: Monday, April 9
Triple room selection

Selection Event:

Page-MPR, 3:30-6:00pm

Tuesday, April 10

Double applications: Includes Armington, Clark, Emerson & Page.


Squatters Privilege is automatically recognized on the request form.


Excludes GLC doubles, as they are requested earlier on the GLC request form.


Due Date: Friday, April 13
Double decisions made & announced Notification date: Monday, April 16
Double room selection

Selection Event:

Page-MPR, 3:30-9:00pm

Tuesday, April 17

Solo Plus (+) is for individual requests, but allows for groupings. These are NOT requests for single-occupancy rooms.


Solo requestors may be placed with other solo requestors, or in rooms where openings become available. Solo requests are considered after all previous group request applications have been considered.

Last Date: Monday, May 13
How the Sign-Ups request application works

ATTENTION: Request by midnight on the respective Due Date. No late requests are accepted.

1. Request MORE THAN ONE type of housing on your application. You want to make sure at least one type of request succeeds and qualifies you to reserve housing for next year!

After you login, you will be able to see on the drop-down menu what types of housing you are elgibile to request. You do not need to wait to submit your several requests, as they can be submitted well in advance (and edited as needed) right up until their respective Due Dates. In the event your primary request does not succeed, your other types should remain in place with this caveat:. When any member listed in your request has another PRIOR request that is granted (and qualified for room selection), all requests which include that member will be automatically removed.

2. The request application functions primarily as a GROUP Application, but the Solo+ will accept requests without a roommate. However, the Solo request is NOT a single-occupancy request. The only exceptions for any individual requests without a roommate are for local commuting, and Solo (+) Plus. The Solo request is for students who do not have a roommate to complete a request for consideration. Solo requests will be considered, but not until after Housing SignUps have concluded and all group requests have bee considered.

Any student with an approved housing accommodation from the Disability Services Office should contact Housing for assistance PRIOR to the Due Date for the type of housing desired.

3. Submitting a request is merely the FIRST STEP. After a request is submitted, WATCH for an email notification from Housing to learn if your request is granted and "qualifies" you to proceed to the last step, OR if it "does not qualify." If your request qualifies to proceed, at least one member of your group or your pre-authorized proxy or proxies (which must be authorized in advance by you with the online form) MUST attend your selection event to select a specific room.

WARNINGS: If you (or your pre-authorized proxy or proxies) fail to attend your selection event to select a specific room, you will forfeit your opportunity to select that housing. It will be given to the next qualifying group for that type of housing.

If your group fails to attend a selection event, each member of the group will need to START OVER and re-submit housing requests. This is because once a group has been qualified to select a room, their names are automatically removed from ALL subsequent requests within the Housing Request application. This is crucial because the housing process is sequential, and we must remove subsequent groupings to preserve the integrity of the housing request data.

4. Notice how your housing request EVOLVES while you are creating it. This is because the students in your grouping will determine what location/residence halls are available to your group. If you encounter a requirement or error message, that needs to be resolved.

After you login to originate a Group Request, THE PROGRAM AUTOMATICALLY RECORDS THAT AS A REQUEST. You will see your name displayed in the grouping box (to the right of the page) as a Group of 1. To put another name in your grouping, use the Search function to find another specific student and press ADD or the (+) symbol. You should then see a Group of 2 displayed. If you try to add someone and a message indicates that you cannot add that student, it will be because the type of request does not allow that student, OR that student is already in an existing request. EXAMPLE: If you try to add a rising sophomore to a request for GLC, the program would not allow you include that student because only seniors and juniors may be in group requests for GLC. The same would be true in requests for Ocean View.

As you add names to your grouping, your location options will be displayed and may change as you add or remove names. Your location options on the screen will depend upon the class standing, or more precisely the "points" for each member in your group. Your location options also depend on the number of participants in a group. EXAMPLE: During the formation of a Triple request, the form will require 3 students for the grouping. Groups with LESS than 3 will see a message indicating that the group size does not qualify as a triple. If your attempted "triple" request ends up with only two names in it, it will fail.

When you create a Flex-Triple, look for the change which occurs after the third student is added. Once the grouping box displays a Group of 3, your will see SELECTABLE boxes after each name for the Fall and Spring semesters. They are pre-selected, but you may de-select to make your specific Flex-Triple. There are no selectable boxes for designated triples in VK because the occupancy may NOT be reduced in VK rooms.

5. Be sure to DELETE your own "initiated" request (i.e. Group of 1 only), unless it's a Solo request. Remember: THE REQUEST APPLICATION AUTOMATICALLY RECORDS YOUR "INITIATED" Group of 1 AS A REQUEST IN THE MAKING. If you don't delete it, you will block others out. To remove your own name in order to cancel this incomplete request, press the DELETE button or (-) symbol before leaving the request application.

IMPORTANT: other students will NOT be able to add you to their group request if you have left your own "initiated" and incomplete Group of 1 in the request application.

For more information about points and types of housing, see:

Due Dates, Notification Dates & Selection Events (steps 1, 2, 3)

Due dates are firm and non-negotiable. New requests can only be submitted prior to midnight on the Due Date for that type of housing. Due Dates are displayed on the Sign-Ups request application, and may be viewed in advance in the table above: Timeline and Deadlines. Also, changes to existing requests can only be made prior to the respective Due Dates. Once a Due Date is reached, that type type is closed. No new requests or edits are possible after the Due Date. Due Dates reflect the sequential order in which the types of housing will be considered.

WATCH for your Notification, which almost immediately follows each Due Date. They can be seen on the Sign-Ups request application, and in the table above: Timeline and Deadlines. Notifications refer to the email messages from Housing to indicate when a group request has been qualified (or not qualified) to select a room. They will include a specific request time (e.g. 4:07pm) and location (e.g. Page-MPR) for the selection event.

You must ATTEND your Selection Event to complete your housing reqeust. The Selection Dates are NOT indicated on the request application because not all requests qualify to select. However, they are shown in the table above: Timeline and Deadlines. The Selection Date, which is communicated by email for a qualified request, indicates when students must follow-up and attend the respective event (in person by one or more group memebers, or by another student who has been authorized as a proxy) in order to select a specific room. If your group fails to select a room (by at least one member of your group, or your proxy/proxies) at the scheduled selection event, your request will be forfeited and it will be offered to the next qualifying group. Only those who are invited by Housing may attend a Selection Event.


Flex-Triples & Designated triples

Triple requests precede Double requests, so Triple requests are considered (and selected) prior to Doubles.

The only designated triple rooms will be throughout VK (and for next year's first-year students in Page). There is no flexibility to change the occupancy requirement in VK triple rooms (3) or the Ocean View apartments (3 or 4).

All other rooms on campus are double-occupancy, but they may become Flex-Triples by request.

IMPORTANT: Use the Triple request to create a Flex-Triple in Armington, Clark, Emerson or Page (for either Fall or Spring semester, or both). The Double request is NOT used to create a Flex-Triple. Seniors and juniors may create a Flex-Triple for the GLC on the GLC request form.

The Flex-Triple gives maximum flexibility for students transitioning to and from off-campus programs. EXAMPLES: if students have a friend going to an off-campus program in the Fall, they could enjoy a double in the Fall for just the two of them, and then arrange in advance for their friend returning in the Spring to join them by creating a threesome through a Flex-Triple. Alternatively, a student who is planning to be away-abroad for the following Spring could create a Flex-Triple in the Fall with two other students, and the two remaining students would then reside in that room (without a third roommate) during the Spring.

The Sign-Ups request application separates Double requests from Triple requests in order to give students the opportunity to create a Double request if their attempt to create a Triple does not work out..

ADVANTAGE: Students who choose a Flex-Triple option will receive some priority because they select rooms prior to Doubles, but triples do not increase the points in a group as points are averaged.

NOT A GUARANTEE: The Flex-Triple option may be limited, so it is not guaranteed.


Off-Campus Living

About 140 students will live off campus.

Seventy of those students will live in the off-campus Ocean View apartments. Though OV is a college-owned facility, residents will have more independence and ownership for the structure of their community—primarily through an apartment association model. There are no Resident Assistants or required closed hours in OV. Submitting a request for OV does NOT have any influence on requests for Off-Campus by Lottery.Requests by lottery are drawn randomly without any reference to OV requests.

Some of the remaining 70 off-campus spots will be granted to students who will get approval to live off campus due to special circumstances. Such circumstances need to be verified. Qualifying special circumstances include students in at least one of the following categories:

  • Married or single with a dependent child
  • 25 years of age or older, as of the beginning of the Fall semester
  • Part of a specific accommodation to live off-campus by the Disability Services Office
  • Participating in Westmont Downtown in either Fall or Spring semester of the applicable academic year. NOTE: Off-campus is ONLY granted within the same academic year, so Spring participants in Downtown are not approved to live off-campus for the Fall semester which occurs after it.
  • Seniors who live at home with family, locally (from Carpinteria-Goleta), and will graduate by May 2019
  • Participation in the Education Credential Program (aka 5th year program)

Students who are current or rising seniors, but who will not meet one of the special circumstances listed above, may apply for Off-Campus by Lottery instead.. Students can apply either as an individual or in groups of up to 6 students. There is no advantage or disadvantage in group or individual requests.

IMPORTANT: Students who plan to graduate in December 2018 are NOT automatically granted off-campus living for the Fall semester, but they may enter the off-campus lottery.

Students must be in good standing with Student Life, and in good academic standing, to be considered for living off-campus.


5 Types of Housing

1. OFF-CAMPUS: There are three categories for off-campus.

  • OFF-CAMPUS due to Special Circumstance: called Local Commuter in SB on the request application. This is an individual request only, and the circumstances must be verifiable.
  • OFF-CAMPUS by Lottery: also called Local Commuter in SB on the request application. This may be an individual or a group request (up to six students). There is no advantage or disadvantage to being in a group. Off-Campus by Lottery may ONLY be requested as a completely-senior grouping.
  • OFF-CAMPUS at Ocean View (aka OV): called Local Commuter at OV on the request application. Requests must have a Group of 3 or a Group of 4 to qualify. OV is for seniors and juniors only. Due to expected demand, groups which include one or more juniors may be less likely to succeed. NOTE: the housing code in the Student Directory and Student Profile is LCOV (for Local Commuter at Ocean View).

2. GLC: This is Global Leadership Center (GLC) on the request application.

  • GLC may be requested as a double configuration or as a Flex-Triple. A flex-triple may be for one or both semesters.
  • GLC is for seniors and juniors only. Due to expected demand, groups which include one or more juniors may be less likely to succeed.
  • A meal plan is NOT required and is NOT assigned for GCL residents. However, a meal plan is optional upon written request to the Housing Director. GLC residents have the "NO" meal plan recorded, but may request one of the meal plans in writing to the Housing Director.

3. TRIPLES: These are named Triples excluding GLC on the request application. We exclude GLC in the form because the GLC form has it’s own Flex-Triple option. This gives some seniors the opportunity to request VK or flex-triples separately, in the event they are unsuccessful in getting into GLC.There are two categories for triples:

  • Designated triples in VK (for the entire academic year). A Group of 3 is required to request VK.
  • Flex-Triples may be created and requested for the Fall and/or Spring semester. All rooms in Armington, Clark, Emerson and Page may be requested as Flex-Triples. There needs to be 3 students for either the Fall or the Spring in order to qualify as a Flex-Triple. NOTE: there is a limit on how many Flex-Triples can be allowed.

4. DOUBLES: All campus rooms are doubles, except for VK and first-year rooms in Page.

5. SOLO PLUS (+): This is for individual requests, but the (+) indicates that it can be used for groupings. Solo requestors who are not part of a qualifying request earlier in the process may indicate their location preferences with this form. They will be placed with other solo requestors, or in rooms where openings become available.

NTOE: We encourage students who do not have a roommate in mind for next year to visit the Roommate Finder. When you visit the Roommate Finder, it automatically adds your name so that others may see you are looking for a roommate. You may remove your name easily if you merely want to view names on the Finder, but do not want to leave your name there.


The Point System

Each student in a group request has a point value, but points are NOT viewable on the form. Points are based upon class standing, and are internally referenced to determine which type(s) of housing and which residence hall locations will be offered on the request application. EXAMPLES: Only seniors can comprise a group to request Off-Campus by Lottery, and only seniors and juniors can comprise a group to request GLC or Ocean View.

Group Points Rather than Individual Standing

Priority is given to the combined class standing of the GROUP, not the individual with the highest class standing. Class standing is derived by the combination of the individual total units earned (through Fall 2017) PLUS the number of units enrolled (for Spring 2018). Then, the points of all group participants are averaged to determine the point total for that group’s request. Listed below are the classifications and the point value given to each class.

Advanced Seniors (108+ units): 5 points

Current & Rising Seniors (92-107 units): 4 Points

Current & Rising Juniors (59-91 units): 3 Points

Rising Sophomores* (0-58 units): 2 Points

*Any student who began Westmont as a first-year student in Fall 2017 will be considered a rising sophomore, regardless of unit total.

The average point total of each group will determine priority for that group’s request and selection time. For example, a group of two advanced seniors and a rising sophomore would have an average of 4 points (5 + 5 + 2 ÷ 3 = 4). Alternatively, an advanced senior and two rising seniors would have an average of 4.33 points (5 + 4 + 4 ÷ 3 = 4.33). The second group example would receive an earlier room selection time because their group average point total is higher. Students who choose a Flex-Triple option will receive a priorityselection time before other double groupings select rooms for that location. However, the Flex-Triple option may be limited; it is not guaranteed.


Squatters "Privilege" (formerly called "Squatters Rights")

The option to choose to reside in the same residence hall again is available to many campus residents (including first-years and sophomores in Clark, Emerson and Page). Squatters groups for Clark, Emerson and Page may ONLY include rising sophomores. Squatters for VK and Armington may include one or more rising sophomores in the group. Squatters for OV may not include rising sophomores. Squatters in OV may request to remain in their same apartment at the OV selection event. This option is not available in the same way for squatters on-campus. While squatters in campus rooms will also request the specific room they want at the respective selection event, there is no guarantee because others who have an earlier selection time may select the desired room.

Squatters Privilege does NOT reserve the same room in the residence hall through the online process. This is one reason for the name change from "rights" to "privilege." Rather, qualified Squatters groups will get an earlier time to select a specific room than non-squatters requests with the same amount of points in their group (i.e. for the same housing type). EXAMPLES: Seniors squatting in VK will select their rooms before other senior groupings wanting VK, who do not have any continuing residents in their request. A squatting group with a junior will select before new junior groupings without a squatter.

When senior/junior groups are competing with sophomores who have one or more squatters. A group request with one or more rising sophomores--even with squatters privilege--will not have more priority than a senior/junior group without squatters privilege. However, the sophomore group with the squatters privilege will be considered before other sophomore groups who do not have the privilege.

Squatters: If your group fails to select a room at your selection event, even if you are a qualified squatters group, your request will be forfeited and it will be offered to the next qualifying group.

There is no separate request process for Squatters Rights, as the Sign-Ups request application recognizes students’ current housing assignments. When applicable, the words Squatter will be displayed with the location option(s) on the request application.


Distribution of classes in the residence halls
  1. The entire incoming first-year class and about half of rising sophomores will reside on upper campus in Clark, Emerson and Page. Returning sophomores in Page may choose to live as a double or as a triple. Some of the triple furniture will remain in the room, even if a double is granted.
  2. Other sophomores and some juniors and seniors: About half of rising sophomores will reside in Armington, and some juniors and seniors may reside there too. A few sophomores may be able to reside in VK, after senior and junior groupings have been considered.
  3. Juniors and some seniors will reside in Van Kampen, but it is possible that some sophomores may reside in VK. No juniors or seniors (other than RAs) will be able to request Clark, Emerson, or Page.
  4. Students who will be seniors by the end of Spring 2018 will have priority for Off-Campus and to live in the new GLC. Those seniors who have studied abroad at some point during their time at Westmont will be given additional priority for living in the GLC. Some additional priority is also given to international students and Augustinian scholars, as long as they are eligible to request GLC.. Unless a student qualifies for a special circumstance (see Off-Campus Living below), only students who will be seniors by the end of Spring 2018 will have the option of applying to be one of approximately 140 students to live off-campus either at the Ocean View Apartments or in non-Westmont housing.

The table below provides an overview of the approximate percentages of class representation in each hall:







First Year









2% (est.)






2% (est.)




Proxy Authorizations

At least one member of a qualified group must attend a selection event in person to select the specific room (or apartment). IMPORTANT: In the event that not one member of the group can attend to make the selection, the group members should authorize at least one other student to attend their respective selection event in their place.

To have another student (outside of your grouping) select your room (or apartment) at your respective selection event, you must authorize him or her with the online Proxy Form in advance. The authorized proxy must be a current Westmont student, and he/she must attend your selection event at the correct time. You are responsible for giving your group’s selection time to your proxy. Selection times will be communicated byHousing.

This may be helpful for athletes, and any others, whose schedules conflict with the selection event for their qualified group request.

WARNINGS: Do NOT wait until the last minute to submit the online proxy form because a technical snafu may thwart your request. Electrical outages and network malfunctions have occurred a number of times over the years. Verbal requests on behalf of an absent student or group will not be considered during a selection event.

If you and your group fail to authorize a proxy in time for your selection at your selection event, or your proxy fails to appear to select your room , no housing will be reserved for you.

If your group fails to attend a selection event in person or by proxy, each member of the group will need to START OVER and re-submit housing requests. This is because once a group has been qualified to select a room, their names are automatically removed from ALL subsequent requests within the Sign-Ups request application. This is crucial because the housing process is sequential, and we must remove qualified requests in order to preserve the integrity of the housing data in subsequent groupings.



To participate in the annual housing sign-ups process, you must be enrolled for the Spring 2018 semester and be planning to return the upcoming academic year. If you plan to be away-abroad for either semester, through the Off-Campus Programs Office, you maybe included in a request application. In such cases, the Flex-Triple option is highly recommended.


Residence Requirement

Full-time students are required to live in on-campus residence halls unless they have either secured a spot at the Off-Campus Ocean View apartments, or have received approval to live off-campus as a local commuter in a non-Westmont property. Students who do not participate in the annual housing request process will be assigned housing in early summer on a space-available basis.