Housing Sign-Ups for Next Year 2018-2019

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Read below to understand the 3 required steps to reserve housing:

1. SUBMIT online Housing Sign-Ups request application by the Due Date for each type of housing you are requesting. Do NOT limit your request to one type of housing!

2. WATCH for an email notification from Housing on the Notification Date for the type of housing you requested. This email will give you the status of your request: see 2a or 2b 2a. If you get an email indicating your group request DOES NOT QUALIFY to select a room, return to your online form and make sure you have alternative requests.

2b. If you get an email from Housing indicating your group request QUALIFIES to select a room, you need to follow-up to complete your request (go to STEP 3).

NOTE: All subsequent group requests on your housing application will be completely removed once you have been qualified to complete your housing at a selection event.

3. WESTMONT HOUSING . . . see 3a


3a. ATTEND your Selection Event, after receiving a qualifying email, in order to select your specific room. If at least one member from your group (or your pre-authorized proxy) does not attend and select, your entire request is forfeited and your entire group must return to the online form and START OVER.
3. OFF-CAMPUS NON-WESTMONT HOUSING . . . see 3b 3b. SUBMIT the supplemental online "Off-Campus Living Agreement,"after receiving a qualifying email, and provide your off-campus location to the Housing Office. All subsequent group housing requests which include your name will be completely removed.
Click here for Information about the Housing Sign-Ups process

Learn about the online application and see ALL the information about the Housing Sign-Ups process (e.g. timeline, deadlines, etc.).