Off-Campus Waitlists

We limit the number of off-campus commuters to 200 for each semester. The waitlists are commenced during the annual housing sign-ups for next year (once the limit is reached). Here is important information regarding the waitlists:

  1. Students should not make any commitments to live off-campus until approval is granted by Housing.
  2. Approval must be obtained for both semesters in order to reside off-campus for the entire year.
  3. The names on the waitlist(s) may start to move up in June, and will continue to move until January. Each waitilist changes as students cancel their off-campus reservations in order to transfer, withdraw, study abroad, etc.
  4. We cannot predict how much the waitlists will move; it may be a lot or a little at any given time.
  5. The semester waitlists move at different rates, so approval to live off-campus can only be granted by Housing as spots become available. That is, approvals are not necessarily granted for the entire year at the same time. This differentiation is caused because some students only request to live off-campus for a single semester, so students with names on both watilists usually have a different place on each waitlist.
  6. Students on a waitlist should reserve on-campus housing as a back-up plan, in the event they are not allowed to reside off-campus. Students who do not reserve on-campus housing as a back-up plan will be assigned on-campus by the Housing Office. For Fall semester, a back-up plan should be reserved as soon as possible after putting one's name on the waitlist (i.e. mid-April, during Housing Sign-Ups for Next Year). For Spring semester, a back-up plan should be in place by November 1. The on-campus housing cancellation fee is waived for students who are released from the waitlist to live off-campus.
  7. The Housing Office will notify students on the waitlist by email, and phone (if provided), when off-campus has been granted. That is, when an opening becomes available the student at the top of the waitlist will be automatically assigned to off-campus--and any on-campus back-up reservation will be cancelled.
  8. Students who do not want such an automatic asssignment to off-campus (which is done when an opening occurs from May-July for the Fall semester, or from May-November for the Spring semester) should ask Housing to remove their names from the off-campus waitlist. Otherwise, the Housing Office will assume that an automatic assignment, or even a late offer, would be welcomed.
  9. As the start of the semester gets close, students may be unwilling to accept a late offer from Housing to reside off-campus (due to the difficulty in arranging rental housing on short notice). However, some students are able and willing to accept late offers because where they intend to live is already in place (e.g. living with family members who are local residents, living with a group of friends who have space available at their off-campus residence).
  10. When the start of the semester is about one month away and an off-campus spot becomes available, the Housing Director will make a late offer and that student will have 2 business days to accept or decline the offer. In this case, there will not be an automatic assignment to off-campus from the waitlist as indicated in #7. If the Housing Director does not receive a reply to a late offer within 2 business days (i.e. in order to accept or decline the offer), the offer is forfeited and given to the next student on the waitlist. That is, the original offer which is not accepted or declined in a timely manner will be rescinded and will be offered again only when another off-campus spot becomes available. In other words, it is the responsibility of the student on the waitlist to promptly accept or decline any offer to reside off-campus in order for the waitlist to continue to move for the benefit of all.