Proxy Authorizations

To assist students who cannot attend the Housing Selection event in person (in order to select housing for next year), we created the the proxy option. This is especially helpful for athletes, and any others, whose schedules conflict with the Housing Selection schedule (see Timeline and Deadlines).

Authorizing another student to select your housing

To have another student select your on-campus or off-campus housing for next year at the Housing Selection event, you must authorize him or her with the online (only) Proxy Form in advance. The authorized proxy must be a current Westmont student.

What if your proxy's sign-up time is earlier than yours?

If your proxy will not be your roommate on campus, he/she must use your sign-up time to select your housing for you. If your proxy will be your roommate on campus, he/she can sign-up both of you together in the same room at the earlier sign-up time.


You should be in contact with your proxy to ensure he/she knows your sign-up time and housing preferences. Do not submit the online proxy form at the last minute because a technical snafu may thwart your request.

If you fail to authorize a proxy in time for your sign-up during the Housing Selection, or your proxy forgets or fails to reserve housing on your behalf at the Housing Selection event, no housing will be reserved for you at that time. Verbal requests (to serve as a proxy for an absent student) will not be considered during the Housing Selection event.