Re-Applicants for Spring semester

Living in college housing

Former Westmont students who re-apply to Westmont may be considered along with returning students for the purposes of housing, rather than new students.

Re-applicants should communicate their Spring housing requests to the Housing Office as soon as possible. Those who are aware of specific openings that will be available in the residence halls may try to arrange to fill such an opening with the current resident(s). Requests must be mutual to be considered. Fall semester residents must submit their Spring housing declaration, and any roommate change request, and by November 1.

Re-applicants who do not reserve Spring housing by mutual request with current campus resident(s) should submit their Housing Application (which is part of the Acceptance of Offer of Admission and Housing Application with the Admissions Office). Housing and Residence Life will assign housing according to available space and noted preferences.

Off-campus limitation

Requests to live off-campus locally and commute (housing code: LCSB) can be problematic because Westmont limits the number of students who reside off-campus. Re-applicants should not assume they may live off-campus, or make any off-campus commitments unless a written appeal to live off-campus is granted by the Housing Office. Re-applicants should contact Housing as soon as possible due to our off-campus limit.

View your housing and meal plan information

Spring housing and meal plan assignments are confirmed by being posted on the Student Profile. When off-campus local/commuter housing is approved, the Housing Director will also confirm it by email. Re-applicants may not be assigned housing until January, but if possible the assignment will be made and posted earlier.

See Meal Plans for more information.