Request for Specific Location

The Request for Specific Location form is only to be used by current students AFTER the season of Housing Sign-Ups for Next Year (February-April) has concluded. It is not for use as an alternative to the request application during Houisng Sign-Ups.

This should also NOT be used by new, incoming students (e.g. transfers, first-years). The "Housing Application," through the admission process, should be submitted by new students.

Submit as a housing CHANGE request for Fall housing

Returning students who have already reserved Fall semester housing (through the Housing Sign-Ups process), should use the Request for Specific Location--FALL, 2018 form to request a change for their Fall housing.

NOTE: In September, this form is re-purposed for Spring housing requests (primarily by those who are away-abroad during the fall semester). When it is re-set as Request for Specific Location--SPRING, 2019, it is one of two forms we provide for requesting Spring housing. All students are notified when this is re-set as a Spring request form in September.

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Is there a deadline?

When used as a change request for FALL housing, submit by the end of the Spring semester.

When it has been re-purposed in September for Spring housing (primarily by students away-abroad), it must be submitted by November 1.

How does it work?

This form may serve as an INDIVIDUAL or GROUP request.

After login in, the originator of the request may form a group by adding (+) one or more names from the current student directory. Each student who is added must ACCEPT or DECLINE participation so that Housing knows the request is mutual.

The originator of the request should then indicate the primary location preference. It may be possible to indicate a specific suite, section, or apartment, but the primary request is most important. However, this form also allows other preferences beyond the primary location (see example below).

Students may supplement a specific, primary request with other location preferences in the event the primary request cannot be granted.

IMPORTANT: When a student is included in a Group request, he/she cannot create another Request for Specific Location, or be added to another such request. He/she would first need to DECLINE his or her own request in order to be released and able to participate in another request. Students sometimes do not realize that after login and selecting "Create New Request," they have initiated a partial request.

EXAMPLE: If VK is the primary request, other hall location preferences ( Armington,Clark, Emerson) can be abbreviated after it: NOTE: if the primary request is VK, groupings of 3 are required because VK is a triple-occupancy hall. Armington, Clark and Emerson are double-occupancy halls. Page is double-occupancy, but such occupancy in Page only applies to returning students.

  1. Dorm: VK
  2. Suite/Section/Apartment:
  3. Other Preferences: Especially AR-A,B, or then E;, CL, then EM.

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