Requirements for Off-Campus Living

The number of students who live off-campus (as a local commuter) is limited by Westmont, so some students who wish to live off-campus locally(in a non-Westmont property) might not be allowed to do so.*


1. For returning students, submit the Housing Request application by the posted due date. This application can be found under Housing Requests for Next Year.

2. If the Housing Office notifies this group on the posted Notification Date that their applcation qualifies to live off-campus, each member in the group must confirm by submitting the Off-Campus Living Agreement.

  • Students must provide their off-campus residence (not a P.O. box) and phone contact information to Housing before they live off-campus.
  • Failure to provide this information may result in the forfeiture of the approval to reside off-campus, or other sanctions.
  • If local address is not known at the time you submit the OCLiving Agreement, you must provide your off-campus address and phone before you begin to live off-campus.
  • If the local residence information changes at any time while living off-campus, you are required to re-submit the OCLiving Agreement with the updated information.
  • Failure to submit the OCLiving Agreement with your address will make you ineligible to live off-campus.
Important Dates

The Due Date for off-campus requests for the 2017-2018 academic year is February 21, 2017. The Notification Date is February 24, 2017. See Timeline & Deadlines for more information.

*Approval to reside off-campus must be granted by Housing. The Housing Office reserves the right to approve or not approve a request to reside off-campus. Any student who is not approved for off-campus living must live on-campus as a condition of enrollment at Westmont.