Returning From Away-Abroad

Priority for completely-open rooms

Students who are returning from away-abroad are generally given priority for completely-open rooms at the end of the Fall semester. However, such rooms are rare at mid-year.

Residents with an opening in their room

When an opening exists on campus, or will exist when a resident vacates at the end of Fall semester, we urge the remaining resident(s) to fill the opening by mutual request. Students who are away-abroad are eager to discover these openings in order to live with or near their friends. Unfortunately, many openings may not be known or confirmed until late in the Fall-To-Spring process.

Students away-abroad usually cannot find out where openings will be for the Spring semester, and Housing does not have that information either. In the absence of known openings among friends, other openings will be discovered later. For this reason, it is important for students away-abroad to submit an online housing request with ample location preferences to guide Housing and Residence Life in the placement process.

  • Requests to "fill an opening" with a remaining resident MUST be submitted with the request form #1 below, and it must be mutual. Between the two forms, this type of request will be considered primary.
  • Openings are best filled by mutual request with another current Westmont student.*
  • In the absence of a mutual request to fill an opening, Housing and Residence Life will fill the opening with a student who is returning from away-abroad, a transfer student, or a re-applicant.

*A current student who wishes to mutually request a roommate who is not currently enrolled, but who may be in the process of transferring or re-applying to Westmont, should contact Housing as far in advance as possible. Incoming students will be unable to access the online group forms. Several things need to be aligned in order to consider groupings with incoming students.

How and when are housing requests to be submitted?

A group request has a required mutual-agreement feature that must be completed by the deadline in order to be considered.

  • Away-abroad students have from September - November 1, 2017 to submit one of the two online forms.
  • Students in college housing also have from September - November 1, 2017 to complete a Spring housing request with either online form below.
How do the online forms work?

The TWO online forms below can be used as group requests, but only the "Request for Specific Location" can be used as an individual-type of request. A request with a grouping has a required mutual-agreement feature that must be completed by the deadline in order to be considered.

The student who originates an online request has the most control. The originator sets the location preference(s) and Adds/Removes names for the grouping. When a group is created, or a change to the request occurs by someone in the grouping, the program sends an email alert to everyone that is in the group--as long as the Submit button is selected on the form. These alerts are intended to facilitate communication, but ultimately it is students' responsibility to communicate clearly with each other and also to Housing through these forms.

If you are added to a grouping, your control is limited to either Accepting or Declining participation in the request, and only those in the group have the ability to view (and interact) with the request.

IMPORTANT: If you have been included in someone's request (even if you have NOT even Accepted it), you will NOT be able to create your own request or be added to a different group request of that type by other friends. You would first need to extricate yourself by Declining participation in the request that is "inviting" you. The same is true if you login to a request and then leave it without Deleting yourself. That login will actually be the start of a request by you, and it will prevent you from participating in another grouping until you extricate yourself from it. You may need to allow one day (after deleting your own name from a grouping) before you can participate in another grouping.

It is possible to submit both types of request, and away-abroad students might consider doing so. If this is done, the Request to Fill Opening with a Resident Who Will Stay in that Same Room has highest priority. If it cannot be achieved, the other type of request will be referred to during the placement process.

  1. Request To Fill Opening with a Resident Who Will Stay in that Same Room . This group request allows a student to "fill an opening" WITH a current Fall resident in college housing so that they can live there together for the Spring semester. No move is involved or allowed for the current and remaining resident. This type of request has the highest priority of all, even over class standing considerations. This infill request is sometimes called a "slam dunk" if all the parts align for a placement. Everyone who is to be part of the room grouping should be included in the request. In order to succeed, each participant in the group request must agree to the group request by ACCEPTING it before the deadline AND the opening in the room must be confirmed by Housing by the time placements are made in early November. If expected openings to do not materialize in time for placements in early November, such requests will be bypassed. No student may be in more than one request of this type.
  2. Request for Specific Location This is for an individual OR a mutually-agreeing group to request a specific residence hall location, and even a particular suite, section or apartment. This form also allows "Other Preferences" beyond the specific and primary location. Again, no student may be in more than one request of this type. For example, if Ocean View is the primary request, and other halls are ranked after it, the request could look like this example:
    1. Dorm: LCOV (aka Ocean View)
    2. Suite/Section/Apartment:
    3. Other Preferences: VK; AR-A,B, or E; CL, then EM

    It is prudent to supplement a specific, primary request with other location preferences in the event we cannot grant the primary request.

    Note: After "slam dunks" are completed, the next priority is to place students from away-abroad. If a grouping includes an away-abroad student, we will use the class standing of that away-abroad student to determine when that request is considered. If away-abroad students have less than senior standing, the chances are much slimmer for getting a group into one of the few completely-open rooms at mid-year.

Students who are away-abroad during the Fall semester may also see Spring Housing>Away-Abroad Students (Returning for Spring) for supplemental information about housing for the Spring semester.