Spring Housing for Returning Students

Housing requests for spring

Students are responsible for requesting housing for each semester of enrollment. This applies to both off-campus and on-campus housing. If you are not already approved to live off-campus [housing code: LCSB], you will be required to live on campus. We limit the number of students who reside off-campus. See Requirements for Commuters.

A housing request is merely a request until it becomes a confirmed housing assignment by the Housing Office. See below for the two online request forms.

Overview for spring housing

While campus housing is usually quite full during the Fall semester, there will be openings for incoming residents in the Spring semester. Campus residents are surveyed in early November by RAs to determine if they will no longer reserve their same space in the room, request a room change, or plan to vacate. Housing requests which are made by others (i.e. non-residents who are away-abroad, incoming transfers) are managed by the Housing Office. Residents with one or more openings in their rooms are urged to request a specific roommate(s) to fill the opening(s). In the absence of a mutual-request to fill an opening, we would assign students who are returning from away-abroad programs or new, incoming transfers to openings. Students returning from away-abroad are assigned prior to incoming students, and they would be assigned according to class standing in the absence of mutual requests to fill openings. Completely-open rooms are not available to current residents; they are held for seniors who are returning from away-abroad and have formed mutual-groupings.

Anticipate a full campus

It is normal for some to feel apprehensive about their Spring housing assignment. This includes students who are returning to campus housing after being away-abroad in the Fall, and current residents who have or will have openings in their rooms. We urge these two groups of students to fill openings in campus rooms by mutual request. If specific roommate groupings are not mutually requested by all involved, it is likely for new or returning students to be assigned by Housing or Residence Life to the open spaces.

As a general rule, current residents with openings should be prepared to for the room to be filled. Before leaving for Christmas holiday, current residents may need to re-arrange their room set-up. New students may arrive for Spring semester before current residents return from Christmas holiday, so it is important for furniture and space to be equitably and readily available.

Online Request Forms:

The following forms are operative for requesting college housing:

  1. Request to Fill Opening with a Resident Who Will Stay in that Same Room. This is an "in-fill" group request. We call these "slam dunks" if all the parts align for a placement. Use this to fill an opening by mutual request with a current and continuing Fall semester resident. It may be used for different group sizes in that room (e.g. one student may join another in a designated triple room, even if the third space is not part of the request). In order to succeed, each participant in the group request must agree to the group request by ACCEPTING it before the November 1 deadline AND the opening in the room must be confirmed by Housing by the time we make placements (in mid-November). If two residents in a triple room (with an opening) request two different students to fill that one opening, the request will be invalid. Residents in triple rooms should talk with each other and be in agreement in order to fill the opening.
  2. Request for Specific Location. This is for a specific location as an individual request OR as a mutually-requesting group. This form allows a group to request a specific residence hall and even a specific suite, section, or apartment as a primary request. However, this form also allows other preferences beyond the specific and primary location. For example, if Ocean View was the primary request, you could indicate and rank like this... Other Preferences: VK, AR, CL, EM. Since few completely-open rooms become available at mid-year, it is prudent to supplement a specific, primary request with other location preferences in the event we cannot grant the primary request. Note: the class standing of the away-abroad student is used to determine how requests are prioritized. If away-abroad students have less than senior standing, the chances are slimmer for getting a group into one of the few open rooms at mid-year. The chances for current campus residents to move to a completely-open room are slim at best, since students who are returning from away-abroad have priority for completely-open rooms.
View your housing and meal plan information

Spring housing assignments for returning students are confirmed by being posted online at the Student Profile in late November or early December. Students who have off-campus approved would see the LCSB housing code on their profile.

See Meal Plans for more information.