Spring Change Requests

Types of changes

There are occasions when a student, after being assigned housing for the Spring semester, wants to request a different housing assignment for spring:

  1. Cancel an approved reservation for living off-campus, and move into college housing.
  2. Stay in the same college room, but request a specific student to fill an opening in the room.
  3. Move from one college room to a different college room.
Off-campus commuting

Students must submit a written appeal to HousingDavid King, Housing Director (dking@westmont.edu, to reside off-campus, and the number of students who may reside off-campus and commute is limited by Westmont/

A student who wishes to move on-campus and cancel an off-campus (local commuter) reservation should contact David King, Housing Director (dking@westmont.edu, 805.565.6036) to inquire about openings.

Requests to move to a different room, or request a specific roommate

In October, in preparation for Spring semester housing, students in college housing are required to submit their Fall-To-Spring housing declaration. Residents who wish to submit a housing change or roommate request for their Spring housing) should see Fall-To-Spring for more information. Roommate requests to fill a confirmed opening in a room have high priority