Spring Housing Overview

Student housing for the Spring semester mostly duplicates housing for the Fall semester. However, there are differences for the following:

  • New Students: transfers who are admitted for the Spring semester
  • Returning Students: when a mid-year housing change request is approved
  • Away-Abroad Students: students who are returning after being away for the Fall semester
  • Re-applicants: former Westmont students who are returning
Housing activity at mid-year

While most campus residents return to the same room for Spring semester (which they occupied during the Fall), there is significant housing activity from Fall-to-Spring. This activity is largely due to those who return to Santa Barbara from away-abroad programs in the Fall (approx. 50-75 students). Additional incoming activity is due to newly-admitted transfers, consortium visitors, and re-applicants (approx. 30-50). Also, some activity results from approved room or roommate changes.

New students and Away-abroad students returning for spring are understandably concerned, perhaps anxious, because campus housing is already quite full. There will be openings on campus, but we do not communicate openings because they are not confirmed until November. These openings tend to be scattered throughout the residence halls as some Fall residents graduate, transfer, or leave for an away-abroad program during the Spring semester. In other words, few rooms are completely open for roommate groupings in the Spring. For this reason, housing placements for new students and those returning from away-abroad are often determined as individual assignments rather than group assignments.

Residents on-campus and Ocean View are required to submit their Fall-To-Spring housing declaration by November 1 to indicate one of the following:

  • Stay in the same room
  • Vacate the room

Residents are also asked to indicate the reason they will "Stay" or "Vacate." Residents are urged to fill any opening in their room by mutual request with another student. See Fall-To-Spring for the request forms.

Campus residents are assumed to remain in their Fall housing assignments unless something else is confirmed. On-campus room assignments for Spring semester are generally confirmed by Housing in late November (and occasionally later). Housing assignments are communicated through the Student Profile.

View your housing and meal plan information

We post housing and meal plan assignments online at the Student Profile at different times for different constituents. The college website displays room and roommate information at these locations:

  • Student Profile : includes name(s) of roommate(s) with home contact information, housing assignments for both current and upcoming semesters, and your Westmont mail box and combination.
  • Res Hall Layouts : displays names of current students in the residence halls, and upcoming semester assignments.
  • Student Directory : displays students' mail box #s, email addresses, and phone and home information.

Privacy Note: Students who do not want their information displayed on the Dorm Layouts or Student Directory may ask the Records Office to block it.

Students use their Westmont user name and password to access their profile page. Those who have not set up their password for network access may do so by selecting "Change Your Password?" at the profile login. If you have questions or difficulties with password issues, please contact Information Technology at ithelp@westmont.edu.

Meal Plans

Fall campus residents will be assigned the same meal plan for Spring semester which they had during the Fall semester, unless a different plan is requested in writing to David King, Housing Director (dking@westmont.edu).

New campus residents (e.g. transfers, consortium visitors, re-applicants, students returning from away-abroad) are assigned the Standard meal plan, unless a different plan is requested in writing to Housing. Off-campus commuters and Ocean View residents are not assigned a meal plan for Spring semester unless it is requested in writing to Housing.

See Meal Plans for more information.

Re-applying students

Former Westmont students who re-apply, or intend to re-apply for the Springl semester may see Re-Applicants for Spring for more housing nformation.

Special Needs or Concerns

Students with special or confidential housing concerns or needs should contact David King, Housing Director (dking@westmont.edu) and/or Sheri Noble, Director of Disability Services.

If you are a new student with any special or confidential circumstances, or questions regarding your housing plans, contact David King, Housing Director (dking@westmont.edu).

Late Spring Check-Outs

At the end of the Spring semester, a number of students are authorized to check-out later than the standard check-out deadline (i.e. the Friday immediately preceding graduation). Information about this is found under Special Housing (see Late Spring Check-Out).