Squatters Rights

This early opportunity to request housing for the following Fall semester is considered after off-campus sign-ups have concluded, but prior to when other college housing sign-ups occur. The deadline for Squatters Rights is the same date for the early opportunity to request an Ocean View Apartment, and students may participate in both types of requests. However, if a student succeeds in both requests, one request must be relinquished immediately because students are prohibited from reserving more than one type of housing. To relinquish a successful Squatter's request, or Ocean View request, contact the Housing Director.

Squatters Rights allows a current resident in select college housing (excludes Page and Clark) to reserve a complete room or apartment in their same hall for the following Fall semester. Such reservations may not be cancelled during the remainder of Housing Sign-Ups.**

  • Armington
  • Emerson
  • Van Kampen [excluding A1 and U1, as these 2-person rooms are reserved for special situations]
  • Ocean View Apartments


  1. The online Group Request for Squatters must be completed by the deadline
  2. A group "must fill" a room or apartment in order to be considered.
  3. All students in an online group request must ACCEPT on the form in order to be successful.

A current resident in that room or hall must be included in a mutually-completed "Group Request for Squatters." Off-campus commuters, or residents in other halls, may be included in the group request with a current resident. However, each student must go to the online group request to ACCEPT (or DECLINE) the grouping. You don't need to be a resident to originate a Squatters group request, but at least one current resident in that hall must be in the grouping.

Deadline: 9:00 PM (PST) on Monday, April 4, 2016

Request: Group Request for Squatters


  • Squatters Rights Night will be at 10:00 PM on Tuesday, April 5, 2016 in each residence hall (excluding Page and Clark).
  • Each Resident Director (RD) will confirm who will remain in their same rooms, and will randomly select other groupings who are remaining in the hall but are requesting different rooms. If two roommates wish to exercise Squatters Rights in their same room, but with different groups, the RD will determine which group may remain in the same room (by coin toss, perhaps). The group which did not get to squat/reserve the same room may then request a specific room elsewhere in that hall.

**IMPORTANT RESTRICTION: Students who reserve a room or apartment by Squatters Rights will not be allowed to cancel their reservation (in order to request different college housing until after housing sign-ups have concluded. This prohibition is enforced to preserve the integrity of housing sign-ups for all involved, and to prevent confusion which could be caused by changing assignments.