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As members of the Westmont community, together we can create a culture of wellness by getting active and taking advantage of available resources.

In addition to healthy eating, regular exercise is necessary for good health. Joining other members of your community in physical activities that fit your level of ability and schedule can prevent disease, control weight, reduce stress, improve stamina, and boost energy. Group exercise and accountability also facilitates relationships within our community and provide opportunities to positively engage with others in the Santa Barbara community.

Fitness Opportunities at Westmont

  • Every Spring Semester, Strength and Conditioning class students apply their expertise by serving as personal trainers to anyone interested in such a valuable experience.
  • Start or join a walking group, cycle with your co-workers, or take advantage of student trainers in the Westmont fitness center.
  • Running/Walking Routes around Campus:
    • Ashley Loop
    • Faculty Housing
    • Westmont Track

Fitness Opportunities in Santa Barbara

Mobile Apps

  • Well-Being Tracker - receive daily challenges and track progrss towards your personal goals
  • HealthyOut - healthy dining options
  • Weight Watchers - track nutrition and activity
  • StickK - encourages participants to set goals and use family and friends for accountability

Westmont Benefits

Promoting Health and Giving Back

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