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Your First Days





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Get Situated

Your first days at a new job can be simultaneously exciting and overwhelming, as you are introduced to the people, processes, and systems you will interact with, as well as the physical environment and organizational structure in which you will now work. Partner with your manager to identify your initial assignments, the purpose of your work in general and how it fits into your department’s goals, and the College’s overall mission. Agree with your manager about how you can begin making immediate contributions. Included in your first days could be:

    • Meet all of your new co-workers and the other people in departments you'll be interacting with on a regular basis. If you were hired as a manager position, meet with all of your staff to gain a sense of current priorities, projects, and issues.
    • Set up your work space with supplies or equipment you'll need.
    • Attend the New Staff Orientation session—details will be emailed to you.
    • Review the departmental organization chart to familiarize yourself with the work structure in which you'll be working.
    • Clarify initial assignments with your manager.

Tasks To Complete

As you start your new position, there may be a number of tasks you'll need to complete, some related to completing your hire paperwork, some tasks related to 'moving in' to your new work environment, meeting lots of new people, and tasks related to getting started with new assignments.

    • If you haven't yet reviewed your benefits options, now is the time! The Benefits Website contains comprehensive information and tools for your review; go to the Faculty/Staff section and click on "Getting Started." You have 31 days from your hire date to enroll in your desired insurance coverage.
    • You'll learn a great deal when you attend the New Staff Orientation and you'll get many questions answered. Attend your assigned orientation session; orientation sessions are generally held every other Monday morning.
    • Where Do I Get Information About??

Recommended Questions to Ask

You are encouraged to ask questions to clarify aspects of your new job that will help you understand the direction, roles and responsibilities, relationships, and scope of authority for your new position. Getting key information early will also help you feel more comfortable and more easily able to make meaningful contributions right away. You may ask your manager or a team member some of these questions:

  1. Are there regular meetings I am expected to attend?
  2. Are there special activities or certain days of the week when events take place?
  3. What training is required for my new position? Is there preferred timing as to when I need to complete it? Once I complete required training, is there any recommended training helpful to me moving forward?
  4. If I am the first to arrive at our work location, how will I gain entrance?
  5. What projects will I initially be working on? Will I be able to get a list from you as to who I should contact to be brought up to speed? What are the deadlines?
  6. How will I learn what our departments and divisions strategic goals are for this year?
  7. What is our department's fax number? What is the policy about personal phone calls and cell phones?
  8. For your first assignment, clarify with your manager what decisions can be made without input and what types of decisions need managerial input, or broader input, such as from customers or stakeholders.
  9. Ask which specific policies you need to review in your first few weeks. Some policies apply only to certain job roles or responsibilities.
  10. Ask about logistics important to your comfort in your new workplace, including getting a tour of the facility and learning where the emergency assembly point is, the procedure to order any needed supplies, and how to gain familiarity with departmental practices and procedures.
  11. If you are hired into a managerial position: Whose timecards will I need to approve? What information can I expect on a regular basis; e.g., financial reports generated via Vendorlink, etc.?