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Your First Year





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Celebrating Accomplishments and Looking to the Future

Congratulations! You'vemade your one year anniversary, so take time to breathe deeply, reflect on your successes and contributions, and prepare for the time ahead!

Don't wait for your second service anniversary to explore more of what Westmont has to offer, if you haven't already done so! Attend an Athletics event, attend Staff and Westmont forums, or just sit in an area with lots of students or visitors for a while and absorb some of the enthusiasm and energy!


Recommended Questions to Ask

At this point in your Westmont career, you may be quite focused on the road ahead. Typically, you may wish to address these issues with your immediate supervisor:

  1. How you can continue to be fully productive, or possibly increase your effectiveness and/or job satisfaction in some way.
  2. If you haven't already, tell your manager what you love about your work and what you wish could be made better.
  3. How do you prefer to be recognized for your accomplishments?
  4. Identify any recurring hindrances to your productivity or effectiveness and ask for support to minimize or remove those hindrances.
  5. Talk about career development opportunities, including:
    1. If you want to participate in a committee or initiative?
    2. Is there another position in the department to which you aspire?
    3. What training or knowledge does your manager recommend you acquire to help you be successful and continue to grow?