6.4 Personal Leave

Full-time regular non-exempt employees are eligible to accumulate a maximum of 16 hours of paid personal leave per year to attend to items such as personal errands and appointments (e.g., doctor or dental appointments, parent/teacher meetings, voting, banking, etc.) that cannot be scheduled during lunch or non-work hours. Personal leave may not be used as vacation or used in conjunction with vacation time.  Personal leave may be used in increments of 30 minutes to four hours and no more than four hours of personal leave may be used at a time.

Personal leave accumulates at the rate of four hours per quarter beginning in September. Personal leave is not available during the introductory period or during unpaid leaves of absence. Requests to take personal leave must be made in advance of the need for it and must be approved by the employee's supervisor at any time following completion of the introductory period. Unused personal leave that was accumulated throughout the year is forfeited every August 31.

The state of California requires that employers allow employees with children in grades 1-12 to take up to 40 hours per school year of unpaid leave for school conferences and visits, provided reasonable advance notice and supporting documentation are provided to the employee's supervisor. Eligible staff may take vacation leave, unpaid leave, and/or up to 16 hours per year of accumulated personal leave for this purpose, assuming the use adheres to the guidelines above.

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