Purpose of Handbook
Letter from President Beebe
Chapter 1 Introduction to Westmont
1.1 Mission Statement
1.2 Brief History of the College
1.3 Governance and Organizational Structure
1.4 What is Westmont College?
1.5 Philosophy of Education
1.6 Statement of Faith
Chapter 2 General College Policies
2.1 Community Life Statement With Behavioral Expectations
2.2 Commitment to Lifelong Marriage
2.3 Policy on Resolving Conflicts
2.4 Unlawful Discrimination, Unlawful Harassment and Sexual Assault
  A. Sanction and Appeal Processes
B. Sexual Assault, Stalking and Dating and Domestic Violence
2.5 Non-Discrimination Policy
2.6 Diversity Matters
2.7 Safe and Drug-Free Campus
2.8 Smoke Free Work Environment
2.9 Responsible Use of Information Technology
2.10 Privacy Rights
2.11 Solicitations
2.12 Patent/Copyright

Use of Institutional Letterhead, Trademarks, Tradenames

2.14 Political Activity
2.15 Community Service
2.16 HIPAA
2.17 No Retaliation Reporting
2.18 Keeping Parking Lots Clean
Chapter 3 General Employment Rules and Practices
3.1 Search Guidelines
3.2 Background Checks
3.3 Employment of Relatives
3.4 Federal Immigration Requirements
3.5 Access to Personnel Files
3.6 Promotion and Transfer
3.7 Separation and Exit Interviews
3.8 Employment References
Chapter 4 Employment Conditions
4.1 Work Time
A. Work Schedules/Flex Time
B. Work Week
C. Breaks and Meal Periods
D. Time Sheets
E. Overtime
F. Make Up Time
G. Call-In pay
H. Travel Time Pay
I. Training Pay
4.2 General Work Requirements
A. Attendance
B. Interpersonal Relationships
C. Outside Employment and Activities
D. Safety
E. Work-Related Injury Reporting
F. Work Areas
G. Workplace Attire and Personal Appearance
4.3 Performance Management System
A. Job Descriptions
B. Introductory Period
C. Performance Management Program
D. Corrective Action
Chapter 5 Pay
5.1 Pay Philosophy and Program
5.2 Pay Periods
5.3 Payroll Deductions and Wage Garnishment
5.4 Direct Deposit of Paychecks
Chapter 6 Benefits
6.1 Eligibility for Benefits
6.2 Holidays
6.3 Vacation
6.4 Personal Time Off
6.5 Sick Leave
6.6 Leave Of Absence
A. Family Medical Leave
B. Pregnancy Disability Leave
C. Military Leave
D. Personal and Professional Development Leave
E. Workers' Compensation Disability Leave
6.7 Other Time Off Benefits
A. Bereavement Leave
B. Jury Duty
C. Witness Duty
D. Leave for Victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
E. Leave for Victims of a Felony
6.8 Reporting Time Off
6.9 Insurance Benefits
A. Medical Insurance
B. Dental Insurance
C. Long-Term Disability Insurance
D. Short-Term Disability Benefits
E. State Disability Insurance Benefits
F. Life Insurance; Supplemental Life Insurance
G. Travel Accident Insurance
6.10 Pre-Tax Health and Dependent Care Expenses
6.11 Education Assistance Benefits for Employee, Spouse and Dependents
6.12 Retirement Plan Benefits
6.13 Insurance Benefits for Retirees
Chapter 7 Employee Recognition
7.1 Employee of the Year Awards
7.2 Special Recognition Awards
7.3 Employee Referral Awards
Chapter 8 Employee Services and Privileges
8.1 Athletic Events
8.2 Athletic Facilities
8.3 Benevolent Fund
8.4 Blood Bank
8.5 Bookstore
8.6 Campus Dining
8.7 Chapel Program
8.8 Check Cashing
8.9 Child Care Resources
8.10 Coastal Housing Partnership Benefits
8.11 Communications
8.12 Computer Loan Program
8.13 Directories
8.14 Document Services
8.15 Estate Planning
8.16 Facility Reservation
8.17 Library and Information Services
8.18 Lost and Found
8.19 Mailing Services
8.20 Parking on Campus
8.21 Staff Participation in Student Ministries
8.22 Publications
8.23 Telecommunications