Accessing the Archive (Windows)

Returning to the archive (on the same computer)

  1. If you checked the "Reconnect at logon" box, you are already connected and you can access your folder just like your C: drive.
  2. If you did not check the "Reconnect at logon" box, follow the directions below but, at step 4, select the archive from the dropdown list by the Folder box.

Accessing the archive for the first time (on a computer)

  1. Double-click My Computer on your desktop
    or click the Start menu and click on My Computer in the Start menu.
  2. Select Map Network Drive from the Tools menu at the top of the window .
  3. Choose an unused letter from the drop down list by the Drive box.
  4. In the Folder box, enter \\myfiles\program_review\<your department>
    Make sure that you use the form of your department name found in the list below.
  5. Check "Reconnect at logon" if desired.
  6. Click Finish.
  7. Supply your email username and password when asked.


Department Names

Use this form of your department name in step 4 above.

Academic_Advising English Philosophy
Art General_Education Physics
Athletics History Political_Science
Biology Internship Psychology
Chemistry Kinesiology Religious_Studies
Communication_Studies Languages Sociology_Anthropology
Computer_Science Library Student_Life
Economics_Business Mathematics Theatre_Arts
Education Music Urban