General Education Committee

Tatiana Nazarenko – Dean of Curriculum and Educational Effectiveness

Photo of Tatiana Nazarenko Dr. Nazarenko joined Westmont College as Dean of Curriculum and Educational Effectiveness in 2010. She chairs the PRC and works with all academic and co-curriculum departments on issues pertaining to curriculum development, outcome-based learning, student-centered teaching, and assessment. She also serves on the Academic Senate, AS Review Committee, and the College's Strategic Planning Committee. She holds PhD iin Comparative Literature from the U of Alberta, MEd in Educational Leadership from the U of Washington, as well as PhD in English and MA in Linguistics, Education and ESL from Kiev State University (Ukraine). Her researct interest include

Bruce Fisk, Professor of Religious Studies (Humanities)


Stephen Contackes, Professor of Chemisty (Natural and Behavioral Sciences)

Tom Knect, Professor of Political Science (Social Sciences) – one year replacemenrt


Debra Quast, Library Director

debraquast Debra Quast joined Westmont College as Director of Library and Information services in July 2009 and oversees all aspects of library resources, programming and services in support of the academic programs, faculty teaching, and student learning. She serves on the General Education, Academic Resources, and Computer Technology Advisory Committees and participates on the College’s Strategic Planning group. Debra’s areas of interest include student engagement in higher education, information literacy across the curriculum, and library assessment.

Michelle Hardley, Registrar (recording secretary)

Michelle Hardley originally joined the Westmont staff in 2000 after receiving a B.S. degree in Psychology from Westmont College. After completing an M.S. degree in Counseling and Guidance in 2004 she assumed leadership of the Academic Advising and Disability Services office. In 2012 she joined the Student Records Office as the Registrar. She manages all aspects of the Student Records Office including the collection, storage, safeguarding, retrieval and distribution of the academic records. She is a member (and Secretary) for the Academic Senate, the Academic Senate Review Committee and the General Education Committee. She is also a member of the Enrollment Management Committee, and Admissions and Retention Committee. Her research interests include understanding the college transition process and the psychology behind coping with a disability.