Educational Effectiveness Resources

History of Program Review and Assessment Update Reports Submssion

Assessment Glossary


Assessment Toolbox

What's the Difference between Program Goals and Student Learning Outcomes?

Guidelines for Writing Effective Student Learning Outcomes

Bloom's Taxonomy


Program Review and Annual Reports Resources

Curriculum Map Template_Vertical Alignment

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Assessing Your Program Quality


WASC Resources

Rubric for Assessing the Quality of Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

WASC Required Data Exhibits to Support Educational Effectiveness Review

WASC expectations for the Assessment of student learning (p. 1-4)
Assessment steps, plans and tips (p. 5-7)
Articulating Mission, Goals and Learning Outcomes (p. 8-11 )
Bloom's Taxonomy and examples of learning outcomes (p. 11-14)
Assessment Techniques (tests, embedded assessment, portfolios) (p. 15-21)
Indirect assessment (p. 21-25)
Rubrics (p. 26-31)