Women's DiversiTEA Fall 2014

November 2, 2015 our keynote speaker was Dr. Peace Amadi, a professor of psychology at Hope International University in Fullerton, CA and a mental health expert.

Peace shared with us the importance of seeing ourselves as God sees us. She asked all the women to close their eyes and to think of one word that God was thinking about when he created them. Then she had each woman share what that word was. Whatever word they had, (Strength, Wisdom, Faithful, etc...) Peace encouraged us to call that person by that word instead of their name...this way that woman could hear and be reminded of who they are in Christ and how important they are to God and how they were created on Purpose!

Dr. Peace Amadi headshotTo watch the video of what Peace shared, click here


Peace Amadi

2014 DiversiTEA photo peace and her mom

DiversiTEA 2014

DiveriTEA Food table

2014 DiversiTEA

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