Diversity Goals

At Westmont, we have a Diversity Learning Standard for all students. Our desire is that students have the understanding and skills...

  • To engage people unlike themselves.
  • To affirm each person as created in God's image.
  • To approach others respectfully in thought, word and deed.
  • To respond to differences through personal reflection, communal discussion and academic analysis.
  • To avoid stereotyping that vilify, romanticize or victimize persons or groups.

The Office of Intercultural Programs contributes to this standard through support, education and celebration.

Support- We encourage and promote the social and academic success of our students of color, international, and third-culture students for leadership and service. We exhort all students to explore and share their own cultural and ethnic heritages.

Educate-We educate our campus on the historical and current challenges and realities that come with diversity through workshops, seminars, conferences, book groups, and speakers.

Celebrate-We organize and attend campus and local events such as dances, festivals, theater, films, music, and special meals. We often partner with student groups, faculty, residence life and other departments for events and activities.