Internship Program Philosophy

lightThe Westmont College Internship Program seeks to prepare students to adapt to their changing world by providing experiences and opportunities which:
  • Develop students morally, intellectually, socially and spiritually in a manner that is consistent with becoming responsible and productive individuals.
  • Develop a habit of learning by becoming aware of the world outside of the campus and to a variety of disciplines, lifestyles, environments, and careers.
  • Expand students’ personal and vocational horizons by enabling them to choose goals suited to their abilities, and by allowing them to develop and expand their knowledge and/or skills in industry, government, or human services.
  • Encourage the open and persistent search for truth, by teaching students to respect conflicting view points and evaluate competing ideas in the decision making and problem solving processes.
  • Exercise integrity and develop purpose.
  • Encourage students to become informed and aware of society’s problems and to actively participate in providing potential solutions.
  • Promote faculty/student partnerships in the design, implementation and management of learning.
  • Encourage students to recognize the need for more theoretical background as they try to draw inferences and conclusions from their experiences.