Researching Organizations

The Internet makes it easy to visit company sites, get the latest stock market reports and explore hundreds of industries and professions. Below are Web addresses you may want to visit when you are researching organizations related to internship opportunities.

Chegg- Students can access and match themselves to over 100,000+ internships from some of the top companies in the world. Packed with custom tools such as resume builder, application tracker

Hoover’s Online - A database of 50,000 public, private, and world companies searchable by company name and geographic location.

JobHero - Lots of career-related information

Monster Campus - Under "Career Center: Job Seeker Resources" click on "Research Companies." There, you will be able to access company information geographically by state.

Vault.Com - Noted for its "insider research" on a wide array of companies. For each company listed, there is information on corporate culture, the "uppers" and "downers" of working there, and advice on how best to get hired.

Public Register’s Annual Report Service - Links to annual report sections of company web sites. Includes online and free copies.