1. Download Adaware

Double-click the downloaded file and click Next through the installer and then Finish when it’s done.

Double-click the Ad-aware icon on your desktop.

2. Getting Updates

If this is the first time you’ve used Ad-aware or if you haven’t used it in over a month, you should check for updates to Ad-aware’s reference file. To do this, click the Check for updates now link after starting Ad-aware.

Click the Connect button. Ad-aware will then look for updates. If any are found, Ad-aware will ask if you want to download the update. Click OK. Once the updates are installed, click Finish.

3. Scanning for Problems

At the bottom right of the Ad-aware window, click Start. Then click Next to begin the scan.

After the scan has completed, if any new objects are found, click Next you will be presented with a list similar to the one below.
Ad-aware scan results

Make sure that the boxes of all problems found are checked. If some are not checked, you can right-click and choose Select all objects from the menu.

Warning: If you use Kazaa, removing Cydoor components will break Kazaa, and the only way to make it work again will be to reinstall it. However, reinstalling Kazaa will reinstall the spyware and adware that come with it.

Click Next. If Ad-aware tells you that it can’t fix all the problems unless it is run at the next reboot, click Yes and then restart your computer.

Once Ad-aware is done, you can exit.