Keeping Spyware from Coming Back

Pop-Ups, Spyware, Adware and Malware

Following the tips listed below can make a world of difference in your surfing experience.

1. Leave you computer off, unplugged and locked in a vault.
This may be a bit extreme and we wouldn’t exactly recommend you do that, but it’s really the only guaranteed way to keep your computer free of viruses, spyware and any other malignancies that are lurking out there these days.

2. Keep your system up to date. If you use Windows XP, updating to Service Pack 2 will do wonders for keeping your system running fre of spyware.

3. Exercise good judgment while surfing.
DON’T GO CLICKING ON EVERYTHING THAT SHOWS UP ON YOUR SCREEN. Those things show up becase someone somewhere is trying to make some money, gain access to you computer, or both.
Tip: When unexpected windows pop up on your screen, click the ‘X’ in the top right corner of the window or type “ALT+F4″ to close the window.
Some of the pop-ups you may come across while surfing try to mislead you by appearing to be valid system or virus warnings. They often have “Yes” and “No” or “Accept” buttons, but regardless of what button you click, the result is more pop ups on your screen, often for sites you’d prefer not to see.

This is also a technique companies use to get spyware on you computer. They can disguise the window in such a way that when you click it you are actually downloading a file onto your computer.

Tip: Familiarize yourself with the look of McAfee’s windows.

4. Be careful with what you download and install.

Take a look at this page for info on some commonly used programs that contain spyware.

5. Don’t use AOL’s instant messanger (AIM).
This program IS adware. Using it will result in other programs being installed on your computer that will only slow things down. WeatherBug and GAIN are two examples that are likely to show up soon after you start using AIM.
TIP: Use gaim instead. This is an excellent program that allows you to use many different chat networks simultaneously, such as AOL, MSN, ICQ, IRC etc… Gaim was created by people who dispise the idea of spyware and adware and will NEVER allow such programs to be installed on your computer.