Pop-Ups, Adware, Spyware and Malware

What is it?

Adware is software that you can download and use free of charge with the understanding that the program is able to display adverstisements in windows built into the application window itself, or through separate pop-up windows that are generated when the application is run. Other software companies pay to have their ads displayed. This allows to the software to remain free while providing a means for the developers to get paid. One of the most common of these types of programs is AOL Instant Messenger.

Spyware is basically tracking software in disguise that is designed to continuously “call home”, using your Internet connection to report statistical data to the “mothership”. While according to the privacy policies of the companies, there will be no sensitive or identifying data collected from your system and you shall remain anonymous, the fact remains that you have a “live” server sitting on your PC that is sending information about you and your surfing habits to a remote location…..

Malware is similar to spyware but is more closely related to a virus or trojan horse Once malware is on your system, it is designed to change system settings without your permission. This may result in Malware can make its way onto your computer when you click on a popup window or open an e-mail attachment