Download SpywareBlaster
(Pick one of the sites listed)Enabling SpywareBlaster’s Protection (initial installation)

1. Double click the downloaded file to install SpywareBlaster.

2. Click “Next” in the “Getting Started” tutorial that follows after installation. This is a 3 screen tutorial that you can read as you go – or just click through the screens.

3. Click “Next” again on the Keeping Up-to-Date screen (note: that there is an auto update feature available for a $10 fee, you can click “Show me more info about AutoUpdate…” if you would like to see how it works).

4. Click “Finish” on the “Thank you for using SpywareBlaster” screen. This ends the 3 screen tutorial. Now it’s time to update the program!

Updating SpywareBlaster’s Database of Spyware

5. Update the program with the latest information to ensure maximum protection. From this screen you can click on “Download Latest Protection Updates” under QUICK TASKSOR: click the “Updates” link on the left side of the page.

6. Click on the “Check for Updates” button.

7. After the update, click on the “Enable Protection for All Unprotected Items” link which will appear at the bottom the “Update Successful” window.

SpywareBlaster does not need to remain open for its protection to be active!

NOTE: Update SpywareBlaster once a week to enable protection for any new items!!