Windows XP Service Pack 2 Installation

Why install Windows XP Service Pack 2?

Windows XP has a number of problems in the operating system and in the Internet Explorer web browser that leave it open to attack by viruses, spyware and other malicious programs. Service Pack 2 (SP2) addresses many of these problems. This is not a theoretical threat: we have seen many computers infested with viruses and spyware which not only compromises the integrity of the data on your computer, but can very easily put sensitive information in the hands of unethical people. See for details.

In the order shown below, click on each link and following the instructions given on the page and in the document.

1. De-fragment your storage. This may take between 15 minutes and 3 hours. Length of time depends on how recently you’ve defragmented, how many files you modify and how frequently you modify them.

2. Back up valuable local files

3. Right-click this link and save the target WindowsXP-SP2-ENU.exe to your desktop. (It will take about a minute for the menu to come up once you’ve right-clicked: be patient! Don’t do this from off-campus!)

4. Quit all programs, including Internet Explorer

5. Before leaving for the evening, (or for a long lunch, if you prefer) double-click on the WindowsXP-SP2-ENU.exe icon on your desktop.

6. Click ‘I accept’, ‘OK’ or ‘Next’ to each prompt that comes up.

7. Once the progress bar starts moving, leave your computer on and go home!

8. When you come back in the next morning (or after lunch).

9. Restart your computer when it tells you to do so.

10. If you are asked ‘Do you want automatic updates’, click on ‘Yes’

11. Open the VNC ports
(Note: Step 3 is for Faculty and Staff. Students can skip this step.)

12. Click once on the WindowsXP-SP2-ENU.exe icon on your desktop, hold down the shift key and press Delete. Click on OK to confirm you want to delete this program.

13. Before you leave the next evening, De-fragment your storage again.

14. Submit an ‘XP-SP2 Install’ TechMate with the title ‘Install Complete’ to let us know how things went.

Note! If you are not a Westmont Faculty or Staff member, or are upgrading a computer off-campus, back up your files locally, perhaps on CD. Also, it’s better to use to obtain and install the WindowsXP-SP2 executable file.