Communication Studies

American University of Paris (for Communication Studies majors --as well as E&B majors--see E&B page for information for this major)

AUP is itself a wildly successful experiment in international, interdisciplinary education. AUP brings together all the best elements of the American university model—small, discussion-based classes; a collaborative relationship between students and faculty; a special emphasis on critical thinking and clear communication—with the cultural, social, and professional opportunities of one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities. AUP Homepage

Communication Studies Majors at AUP:

The Major in Global Communications trains students in a liberal arts tradition to think critically and creatively about the contemporary communications environment which they experience as global citizens and possibly, soon, as practitioners of professional communication. It provides students with substantive knowledge based on current research, with practical skills and analytical ability to understand (and play an active role in) the complex dynamics of communication at global, local, and individual levels. AUP Global Communications Homepage

NYU Buenos Aires, Argentina (Open to Communication Studies majors/minors only)

NYU Buenos Aires offers students the exceptional opportunity to learn about the people, history, culture, politics, and economy of Argentina and the region while living in one of South America's most vibrant cities. The program focuses on Global Media, Journalism and Cinema. Courses are taught in Spanish and English by some of Argentina's most talented scholars, journalists, public health professionals, as well as renowned writers and musicians. All students at NYU Buenos Aires take a Spanish language course at their appropriate level upon arrival or, if advanced, an elective in the language. NYU Buenos Aires Homepage

University Studies Abroad Consortium: The Hague, Netherlands(Open to Communication Studies majors/minors only)

The program offers the opportunity to enroll in courses in the area of Communication Management through The Hague University's European Studies Programme. You will find that THe Hague is a crossroads of cultures with well over one hundred nationalities prepresented, making your study abroad experience truly diverse.Courses are taught in English. Students are required to take an Introduction to Dutch Culture and Society course, which includes organized fields trips within Netherlands. USAC: The Hague Homepage