WESTMONT in EAST ASIA (select Falls)

A unique opportunity to experience holistic learning, living, and loving in an active, integrated community in East Asia. Learning will be comprehensive in scope, touching your minds, hearts, bodies, and relationships. You will understand global economic, social, and political processes, develop cross-cultural skills, participate in service learning, and become better equipped as a global citizen to serve your community. The inter- and cross-disciplinary courses will help you connect the dots from various disciplines and our focus on cultural immersion in community will enhance your residential learning experience.

Globalization is a fact of life in this fast-changing post-modern world with the increasing interconnectedness of different markets, peoples, religions, and cultures that move beyond national boundaries, aided by technological innovations. South Korea, China, and Singapore showcase such experiences and impacts of globalization both as its active contributors and at times reluctant participants

Go Ed Mekong, Thailand (CCCU)

Students spend 16 weeks in the Greater Mekong Subregion in the highlands of northern Thailand to study the root causes of exclusion and exploitation of marginalized people groups. Study in the heart of continental Southeast Asia helps students gain perspective about the complexities of the issues, state and NGO responses, and efforts towards greater empowerment and justice in these communities. Opportunities to interact with local communities, particularly those of the hill tribes, enhance understanding of the relationship between exploitation and its root causes: poverty, discrimination, exclusion and violence..GoEd Mekong Thailand