Eastern Europe



LCC International University, Klaipeda, Lithuania (Open to all majors)

Imagine studying in a country where people once isolated behind the Soviet Iron Curtain are striving to repair and recreate society--a country bursting with the energy of independence, freedom and possibility. Study Abroad Lithuania gives you the chance to forge new relationships, explore different ways of doing things, and experience a shift of perspective while earning college credit, traveling, and gaining that elusive “life experience.” While studying at LCC International University, you will meet people who have survived the struggle for freedom and live life differently as a result. Both in class and out, you get real-life, real-time training that will equip you to take an active role in a diverse global community. LCC Lithuania Homepage

Mathematics Semester in Budapest, Hungary (St. Olaf College) (Math majors only)

The Mathematics Semester is a program of St. Olaf College operated in country by the Mathematical Institutes of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and of Eotvos University, Budapest. Classes are held on the College International Campus of the Technical University Budapest. Students have the opportunity to take three mathematics courses and one intercultural course, as well as take excursions to other cities in Europe. Students who are eligible for the program must have at least sophomore status, be in good academic standing, and have completed one semester of advanced calculus (a first course in the theory of analysis) or abstract algebra by the start of the program. St. Olaf Budapest Homepage