Economics and Business Off Campus Programs

King's College London - Management Program--minimum CUM GPA of 3.3

King's College London LogoApproved KCL Courses:

Westmont EB students can take a Management Dept emphasis of three courses - with one upper division required course for the EB major (either econ or mgmt side), plus two upper division electives, and one course in a foreign language, or an internship with a London-based company.

Westmont students can also take non-Mgmt courses, but all KCL depts. function independently of the larger KCL-wide range of depts. and each schedule their own final-exam periods individually without a system-wide course listing, so it may be harder to coordinate with Mgmt schedule for classes and examinations.

The KCL Dept of Mgmt usually offers each semester two-three dozen upper division (250-399 level numbered) courses in Int’l Finance, Int’l Acctg, Int’l Mktg, Int’l Mgmt, Decision Sciences, and a full complement of advanced and specialized courses in Economics, Int’l Economics. KCL Homepage

American University in Paris - Economics/International Business Administration--minimum CUM GPA of 3.0

AUP Logo

Approved AUP Courses:

Westmont EB students can take either:

an Economics Emphasis of three courses comprised of one upper division EB-required course in Intermediate Micro- or Macro-economics, plus two upper division economics electives, plus one course in French (suggested) or another GE or elective = 16 units total,


an International Business emphasis of three courses, with one upper division EB-required course in Quantitative Decision-Making, plus two upper division int’l business electives, and one course in French (suggested) or another GE or elective. The following are ten regular AUP courses with Westmont-EB in parentheses:

Department of Economics

  • EC 310 Intermediate Microeconomics (upper division EB required) OR
  • EC 320 Intermediate Macroeconomics (upper division EB required)
  • EC 330 Comparative Economics Systems (UD elective)
  • EC 385 Economics of the EU (UD elective)
  • EC 352 International Trade Theory and Policy (UD elective)

Department of International Business Administration

  • BA 310 Finance and Accounting for Multinationals (UD elective)
  • BA 336 International Marketing (UD elective)
  • BA 384 International Business Law (UD elective)
  • BA 418 Multinational Business Finance (UD elective)
  • BA 430 Quantitative Decision Making (UD EB required)
  • AUP Homepage

Economics and Business Summer Off-Campus Program






Founded at Westmont more than 25 years ago, the annual summer International Business Institute (IBI) in Europe provides students with formal college coursework and a wide range of interaction with business leaders from top multinational corporations, including visits to Daimler-Benz, Nestle, The Bank of England, Royal Dutch-KLM, as well as meetings with senior governement officials at the European Union and the British Parliament.

Westmont E+B faculty Dr. Noell, brings a wealth of international economics experience to IBI, and has taught on more than a dozen IBI trips. Each 10-week IBI program includes three upper division courses (12 units total) that automatically meet three elective courses for the graduation requirements.
A typical summer line-up includes the following four courses:

  • Global Marketing
  • Comparative Economics
  • International Trade and Finance
  • Global Business Strategy