May I go on two consecutive programs?
This is not recommended, but if there is sufficient justification for doing so, you may explore the possibility by completing a petition form in the Records Office to be reviewed by the Faculty Academic Review Committee.

Can I apply for two programs in the same semester?
It is OCP policy that students may only apply to one 3rd party program for any given semester. You may usually apply for two or more Westmont IN programs. Check with the OCP Office.

Am I still eligible for financial aid when I participate in an off-campus program?
Westmont financial aid (institutional grants, scholarships and loans) may be used for any Westmont operated off campus program. However, Westmont financial aid may be used for one semester only at a Westmont Approved (versus Westmont operated) off campus program.

Who pays the application fee and the deposit?
You are responsible for paying the initial application fee and confirmation deposit. Please submit the application fee to the OCP office along with your application, which will then be mailed to the program along with your academic transcript. Once accepted, please submit your confirmation deposit directly as instructed by the individual program . In most cases your deposit will be deducted from your final bill (unless it is also a security deposit).

What happens if I don't attend the orientation session?
The orientation session is mandatory. Failing to attend the orientation session may jeopardize your ability to go on the program. In extreme circumstances or in case of an emergency, please contact the OCP office (in writing in advance) with the reason for your inability to attend.

May I register on-campus and register for off-campus courses at the same time?
No. If you are on the list of students accepted to participate in an off-campus program, you will not be allowed to register on-campus. However, if you have not received your final acceptance from the program at the time of registration, an exception will be made on a case-by-case basis.

How do I register for the semester following my program?
You will be contacted by the Records Office sometime during the middle of your off campus program semester about how to go about registering for the coming semester. In most cases this can be done online.

How does paying for an off-campus program work?
For all off-campus programs the student is responsible for the following:

  • Application fee (to be sent to the program by you or OCP, depending on whether you apply online))
  • Participation confirmation deposit (to be sent to the program by you)
  • Westmont's tuition (to be paid to Westmont)
  • Health fee (to be paid to Westmont)
  • Technology fee (to be paid 8 semester whether on or off campus)
  • Program's room and board costs (to be paid to Westmont)
  • Program's fees (if applicable) (to be paid to Westmont)
  • Airfare (sometimes is paid to Westmont and sometimes is paid to airline or student's travel agent directly, depending on whether the program charges airfare on the bill or has you make your own arrangements for travel)

Where can I obtain a student international identity card (ISIC)?
ISIC cards are available at the OCP office during regular office hours; $25 will be charged to your student account. Please make sure to bring a passport size headshot. If you are away from campus, please contact STA Travel for an issuing office near you 1-800-777-0112 or go to www.myisic.com.

What do I do if I receive an invoice from the program directly?

Please do not pay it. Send it on to the Off Campus Programs Office. You will be asked to pay Westmont for all costs associated with your off-campus program unless otherwise directed (in a few cases you pay for your own room and board month by month once on the program). You will receive the final bill from Westmont once the program has accurately billed us. It is common that programs erroneously send invoices or statements to the student's home address. If you receive an invoice, please redirect it to Westmont's off-campus programs office.

Who do I notify if I decide to withdraw from a program?
You will need to notify the sponsoring program and the OCP office in writing. After the registration deadline, if you withdraw from a program there is no guarantee of space being available to return to campus.

How does off-campus program grading work?
Westmont College will follow the grading policies (e.g. regarding pass/no pass availability, withdrawal deadlines, etc.) of the off-campus program. Grades will be calculated into the Westmont GPA for students attending programs with the sponsorship of the Westmont College Off-Campus Programs Office. Students who dis-enroll from Westmont to attend an off-campus program of their own choosing will not have grades calculated into their Westmont GPA and are subject to regular transfer credit evaluation.

How do the courses from my off-campus program apply to my major course of study?
It is the student’s responsibility to be sure that the courses offered on the program fit into his/her major course of study.There are preapproval forms for both GE and for major and minor credit available in the Records office or by going to the Records Office website and looking under the drop down menu for forms. By attending this off-campus program the student accepts responsibility for completing all parts of the general education and major program without special accomodation by Westmont College.

What must I do if I decide to change my classes once I arrive at the program?
If you end up changing your classes once you arrive at the program, you must contact your advisor and the records office immediately, providing course descriptions in your email, to registrar@westmont.edu or egalang@westmont.edu to receive approval for any changes.