Querétaro Safety

With the recent increase in drug-related violence in Mexico, many have legitimate questions and concerns about studying in Mexico. We at Westmont take the safety of our students very seriously and want to provide you with important information here.

The state of Querétaro and its capital city, where WIM is based, remain among the safest places to live and travel in Mexico. The high level of safety enjoyed by the city is a reflection of its great prosperity, its stable local government, and a police department that boasts a level of corruption lower than that of comparable departments in the U.S. and Europe.

Querétaro is also famed for being the cleanest city in Mexico, and was recently recogized internationally for its exceptional cleanliness and sanitation with the "Platinum Broom" Award.

Here are some facts:

(1) The crime rate in Querétaro is among the lowest in the nation:

Mexico map

Crime rate

(2) Querétaro's murder rate is also among the lowest in the nation.

Murder rate

(3) Querétaro's US v. Querétaro murder ratemurder rate is under the U.S. national average:

(4) Mexico's most violent cities are located at a great distance from Querétaro:

Map of violence in Mexico in relation to Querétaro