No. 11: Zihuatanejo

October 27, 2008. Zihuatanejo, Guerrero.

Banana boatBecause students had been missing the ocean, the last weekend of October the entire group elected to participate in an optional excursion to Zihuatanejo Beach, in the state of Guerrero. Two “guests” accompanied us as well: Tim’s brother Josh and Ana Paula Ardón. As it turned out, the trip was just what Zihua scenewe all needed—a lovely time to enjoy the beauty of nature, good food, and some much needed rest and relaxation.

We boarded the bus at 11:00 p.m. on Thursday and traveled all night, arriving on the coast just in time for sunrise. Students loved the accommodations: three-bedroom bungalow suites right on the sand, complete with living rooms, kitchens, and large terraces. Almost immediately, students hit the deliciously warm water for a sunrise swim.

It was nice to not have a “plan” for the weekend. Rather, students were free to explore the charming fishing village on their own, eat at the local market or a little restaurant right on the shore, body surf, or just lay out on the sand.

On Saturday, the group decided to take an excursion together: to Ixtapa Island, across the bay. We took Megan and Gennaour bus to the dock, where we first saw dozens of alligators and iguanas in their natural habitat. From there, we took two small boats to the island where we swam in three different beaches, snorkeled in a gorgeous coral reef, enjoyed a wonderful fish meal, and even rode a banana boat in the bay. Of course, the afternoon would not have been complete if not for the ritual burial of a member in the sand. This time the victim was Justin, who, I must say, made a remarkably stunning mermaid.

That evening, about half the group went back into Xitapa to dine and dance at the famous Señor Frogs. The other half opted for a more quiet evening at a beautiful Italian restaurant overlooking La Ropa Zihua sunsetBeach in Zihua. Both groups had the time of their life.

The next day, Sunday, we enjoyed a morning and early afternoon of swimming, tanning, or relaxing. After a quick meal in town, we said good-bye to Zihuatanejo and began our eight-hour bus ride home. Fortunately, multiple DVDs made the time pass quickly, and we were back in Querétaro by 11:00 p.m. feeling refreshed, renewed, and ready for the rest of the semester.

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