No. 1: La llegada / The arrival

August 21, 2015. Querétaro.

Students and host moms at welcome meal

Late in the evening of August 21, all nineteen students landed safely in Querétaro, where they were warmly received by their host families.

The following day, we enjoyed a walking tour (in Spanish, of course) of the centro—the historic center of the city—followed by a lively welcome meal, complete with Mariachis. Students then spent their first weekend getting acquainted with their new families, their neighborhoods, and the Mexican bus system.

On Monday we had our orientation and tour of the university—the Instituto Tecnológico de Querétaro (ITQ)—and the Centro Intercultural de Querétaro (CIQ), where students attend classes. Later that evening students navigated their way to Mary’s house where we had a time of sharing and fellowship before beginning school on Tuesday.

Daniel and his host momITQ tourHistory class






Students spent their first week in class, exploring their new city, trying new foods, attending cultural events, meeting new friends and speaking mucho español.

To see more photos of the first week, click on the slideshow below::