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Westmont in San Francisco (Open to all majors)

Students may attend Westmont in San Francisco either semester. The program combines living and working in a unique urban setting in the heart of the city, offering study of cultural, ethnic, political, and business-oriented aspects of modern society, while enjoying the relative security and intimacy of a self-determined community. The program's core is a pre-professional internship that involves a minimum of 24 hours each week. Tutorials and independent study in a variety of areas are available in addition to the core curriculum. Participants must take the following courses: IS 190 Urban Practicum (8) and IS 195 Seminar in Urban Studies (4). Electives include: IS 194 Tutorial (1-4), ENG 104 Modern Grammar and Advanced Composition (4) - Spring only, and ENG 134 Ethnicity, Race, and the City in American Literature (4) - Fall only. WSF Homepage

Inoculum (Westmont College Summer Program for 1st year and transfer students) (Open to all majors)--cancelled for Summer 2017

This 12-day backpack trip to the northeastern wilderness area of Yosemite National Park is a special extension of the orientation program. Readings, discussions, and papers focus the course content on the uniqueness of Westmont liberal arts education. It takes place before orientation and is for first-year and transfer students. Participants must take the following course: APP 90 The Inoculum: Wilderness/Orientation (2); this course will meet one of the four PEA requirements.

American Studies Program, Washington, D.C. (CCCU (Open to all majors)

Since 1976, the American Studies Program has served as an experiential learning laboratory for students committed to connecting their faith to public affairs. More than 2500 students have come to Washington and nearly 500 alumni currently work in the D.C. metro area in a variety of professional fields-private and public, for-profit and non-profit. Each students enrolls in the program's two practicum courses: Internship and Topics in Leadership & Vocation. Students have the option of enrolling in a one-credit Professional Mentorship course. In addition, students apply to either the Public Policy track or the Global Development track. CCCU ASP Homepage

American University Washington Semester, Washington, D.C. (American University) (Open to all majors)

Washington Semester is a program of American University in which students live and study at the Tenley Campus. Students have the opportunity to serve in internships in thirteen different tracks including national politics, foreign policy, economic policy and justice, journalism, and a number of other fields. Participants come from over 200 affiliated colleges and universities in the U.S. and from 28 international institutions. A limited number of Westmont students will be nominated for consideration for the program each semester. AU Washington Homepage

Christian College Consortium (12 Christian Colleges throughout the US)

Take advantage of the opportunity to spend a semester at a sister institution here in the US (Asbury University ,Bethel University, George Fox Unviersity, Gordon College,Greenville College, Houghton College, ,Malone Univesrity, gMessiah College, Seattle Pacific University,Taylor University, Trinity International University, Wheaton College) Christian College Consortium

Los Angeles Film Studies Center (CCCU)

The L.A. Film Studies Center provides a space for people who are passionately driven to create stories. Students are trained in the craft of expressing their authentic voice while walking out their faith journey. Students are ask to consider:  What does it look like to make films that are as focused on method as message?  How do you tell stories that ring true without robbing your audience of their right to come to their own conclusions? How can you truly be yourself and tell your story in the midst of Christian community? Visit the link to learn more about this unique program to study film making from a Christian perspective. LA Film Studies Center

Oregon Extension, Ashland, Oregon (Eastern University) (Fall only)

Oregon Extension is a program of located in the southern reaches of the Cascade Mountains that is sponsored by Messiah College. Students study, in sequence, four interdisciplinary themes: Contemporary Issues, Social Thought, Human Stories, and Living Faith. Special emphasis is given to individual professor-student interaction and attention to small group discussion and dialogue. Within each of these units, students can choose one academic discipline from among the following in which to receive 3-4 semester hours of credit: literature, psychology, sociology, philosophy, biology, theology, biblical studies, history, education, or science. Students earn an additional two hours of credit in Rhetoric and Composition. Oregon Extension Homepage