Orientation and Re-entry


A mandatory orientation session is scheduled by OCP for each semester to better prepare you for your adventure. The orientation will cover safety and security, health issues, packing, cross-cultural sensitivity, and will also include a Q&A time. Failing to attend the session may jeopardize your ability to go on your program.


You can prepare for your adjustment to home even before you depart for your off-campus program.  The phases of your adjustment to culture shock while away will likely be mirrored upon your return home–euphoria; increasing irritation/frustration/anger or depression; gradual adjustment; adaptation

As you prepare to depart, as you have your experience away, and then as you prepare to come home, spend some time thinking and reflecting upon your own personal reactions and feelings, the reactions you will probably encounter from friends and families, and your view of your home country and normal life. 

Keep your eyes open for opportunties to get involved and share your wealth of experience upon your return to campus in normal places like the classroom, small groups, and dorm living as well as in unexpected places like how you model spending your time and money. 

Watch for additional re-entry opportunities and programming through Student Life and the GLC.