Withdrawals and Refunds

Each program’s host institution will determine and publish the program withdrawal deadlines, policies, and penalties. For Westmont-operated programs, if the student withdraws from the program the non-refundable deposit will be held. If it is necessary for a student to withdraw prior to leaving for or during the program due to sickness or other causes beyond their control, only monies not prepaid contractually can be refunded. No refund is provided in the case of academic or disciplinary suspension during the program. Repatriation Insurance or Trip Cancellation Insurance, to cover expenses incurred if an accident or ill health interrupts the trip, can be purchased individually.

After the on-campus registration deadline, a student withdrawing from a program is not guaranteed a space to register in on-campus classes. Students considering withdrawal at any point prior to or during a program are required to notify the Off-Campus Programs Office in writing and are encouraged to make an appointment to discuss their options.