Student Employment:
Your Next Steps

Once your job offer is complete....

Complete the W-4 form:

Fill out, sign and date an online W-4 form print and take it the Business Office in Kerrwood Hall. Please note that Westmont faculty and staff are prohibited from assisting you with the form. If you have questions about to properly fill out your W-4, please consult a parent or guardian.

Log Your Hours:

When you employment process is complete, you will receive an email directing you to create a timecard in O.A.T.S., Westmont's online automated timecard system. Once you begin working, you will fill out your time card each day that you work, indicating your time in and time out. At the end of each two week pay period, you will need to print out and sign your timecard and obtain your supervisor's signature, verifying that the hours indicated are true and correct. A tutorial on time card creation is available here.

Timecard Submission:

Unless otherwise noted, signed time cards are due to the Business Office every other Monday morning before 12:00pm, and you receive your paycheck in your student mailbox the following Thursday.  Payroll for students is processed every two weeks, according to the current pay schedule.  Your paycheck may not be processed on time if your timecard is lacking your signature or the signature of your supervisor.  If this happens, be sure to work with the Business Office to obtain the needed signatures so your paycheck can be processed in the next payroll cycle.