Resource Handouts:

Career Development & Calling has an extensive assortment of useful in print handouts on the following topics: Please feel free to select one or more by stopping by the office or request either a printed or pdf version to be sent to you of the handout by clicking on the link Handout Request

Effective Resume Writing
Job Search- finding the job you want
Grad School
Successful Interviewing

Career Resources Online and In Print
Changing World of Work
Choosing a Major: Myths and Truths

Dressing Smart for Men and Women Interviewing For Success
Eight Do's and Don'ts in an Interview
Finding a Job in Santa Barbara

Getting the Most out of your Education: 10 Most Common Mistakes
Helping Professions Handbook
Interviewing for Information

Preparing a Curriculum Vitae
Skills Qualities and Useful Tools CheckList
Top 10 Skills/Qualities Emploiyers Seek in Candidates

Vocational Tools Available Through the Ofice of Life Planning
Vocational Planning: Paths for Each Year
Why Grad School?

Working with an Employment Agency
10 Hottest Transferable Skills
The 15 Most Marketable Skills for Liberal Arts Graduates
Adaptive Skills and Values Checklist

Preparing for a Career/Job Fair