Career Development & Calling- Student Information

Career Development & Calling provides personalized assistance at the significant crossroads that you may encounter during your time at Westmont. We can provide you with the tools, skills and language that will prepare you to transition from student to graduate and beyond.

Career Counselors are available to assist you in topics such as:
• Choosing a Major, Vocational Direction and Career Counseling
• Online Interest and Personality Assessments
• 1 unit Life Planning course (APP-080-1)
• Workshops & Seminars
• Practical Resources- job/internship search and exploration, resume writing and mock interviews, networking skills, and our online resource database.

Make an AppointmentCareer counselors are available Monday- Friday Simply click on the appointment logo to the left and provide the following information in your email:
1. Days and times you are available to meet
2. The nature of your appointment (resume, assessment, general career guidance, etc)
3. Any additional information that might be beneficial for the appointment, i.e. specific counselor request,etc.
You can also make an appointment in person at Voskuyl Library
Office 303 A

Student Employment and Internships

Career Development & Calling is committed to helping you find employment at Westmont. We can provide you with the resources necessary to locate work on or off campus, work study or non work study. We make every effort to help you secure work but it is ultimately your responsibility to be ACTIVELY searching for employment if needed.

Students are encouraged You are encouraged to access our free online job resource site- WestmontLink to search for - on- and off- campus job listings, announcements related to visiting recruiters, and more. You are encouraged to register for an account on WestmontLink. For more information about finding a job while at Westmont college or accessing WestmontLink- please click the link below.

Student Employment