Welcome to Student Parking: Operating a Vehicle

This site is referred to as "parking," but it's more more than simply parking a vehicle at Westmont, it's also about operating a vehicle. Westmont regulates vehicle operation and parking, both on and off-campus. Our Public Safety Department is responsible for enforcing Westmont's rules and requirements for vehicle use, but parking permits are obtained from the Housing & Parking Office.

We require a current, valid parking permit to be displayed on every vehicle which is parked or operated on campus by a student, but our concerns go beyond the campus boundary. Students who park or operate a vehicle in the vicinity of the campus are also subject to citation, if they violate Westmont's vehicle regulations. We have special concerns about vehicle use in this community, and we expect students to use good judgment and take the vehicle regulations seriously.

We have three types of permits for students. Each type has different eligiblility requirements and specific limitations. Student permits are obtained from the Housing & Parking Office, but may be picked-up on the first day of the academic year at Kerrwood Circle by those who qualify for this convenient issuance.

Public Safety enforces parking and traffic violations both on-campus and off-campus by issuing citations. Each citation explains how appeals can be made by students.

Here is an overview of several offices which work directly with students, or behind the scenes, to manage and monitor vehicle use on campus and local roads.

  • Public Safety publishes Westmont's traffic and Vehicle Regulations. Enforcement for violations is through citations and fines.
  • Housing issues parking permits to students, and communicates the requirements and limitations of student parking permits through this Student Parking site.
  • Student Life oversees the Housing Office, and reinforces particular concerns about vehicle use in our community. In addition, Student Life may impose increasingly stern sanctions (beyond fines) for students who repeatedly violate parking and vehicle rules.
  • Institutional Resilience monitors Westmont's compliance with our Conditional Use Permit (C.U.P.) under the County of Santa Barbara. The C.U.P. includes specific restrictions concerning traffic and parking, both on-campus and in the vicinity of the college.