Murchison Gymnasium


Interior and exterior work:
1. Replace wood floor 5. Paint block walls
2. Replace bleachers 6. Replace light fixtures in lobby with energy efficient fixtures
3. Replace scoreboards 7. New concrete accessible ramp
4. New ceiling panels 8. Replace front entry doors

180 Degrees Panoramic view

Front Side Removing Bleachers Bleacher Removal
Wood Floor Removal Wood Floor Removal 02 Wood Floor Removal 03
Wood Floor Removal 04 Ticket Booth Painting Walls
Speaker Box Electrical Conduits Concrete walkway
Concrete walkway 02 Concrete walkway 03 Concrete walkway 04
Storefront 01
Grinding Floor
Grinding Floor02 Grinding Floor03 Grinding Floor04
Roof Removal Roof Removal 02 Roof Removal03
Roof Removal 04 Roof Installation Roof Installation 02
Roof Installation 03 Roof Installation 04 Roof Installation 05
Roof Installation 06 Roof Installation 07 Roof Installation 08
Front Slab Front Slab 02 Front Slab 03
Front Slab 04 Front Slab 05 Front Slab 06
Court Layouts Westmont Logo Warriors
Westmont Logo 02 Installation of new bleachers Installation of new bleachers 002