Carpinteria Area

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Rincon Point

Rincon Point, a world class surf spot.

The winter swell of 2008

A big day at Rincon, February 2008.

Beach south of Rincon Point

View of the beach south of Rincon Point.

Carpinteria Bluffs

The Carpinteria Bluffs offer light hiking overlooking the ocean.

Carpinteria Bluffs Athletic Fields

Carpinteria Bluffs Athletic Fields.

Linden Avenue, Carpinteria

Carpinteria's Linden Avenue - a quaint beach town.

The SPOT, Linden Ave.

The Spot - one of Carpinteria's many restaurants.

Carpinteria State Beach

Carpinteria State Beach.

Santa Claus Beach

Santa Claus Beach - just north of Carpinteria.