Key Control


Purpose and Scope of Key Control Policies and Procedures

Westmont College maintains locking systems for the protection of students, staff, faculty, facilities and property while attempting to responsibly balance the sometimes opposing concepts of security and convenience. This statement on key control policy establishes a framework by which keys will be issued, monitored and maintained.

Building Access

The buildings and facilities of Westmont College are available for general use by Westmont employees and students for educational purposes.Certain buildings are opened (outside doors unlocked) as required for regularly scheduled classes, labs, business and activities. Other buildings remain locked at all times and require prior approval for their use.

Administration of Key Control Regulations and Procedures

Working in consultation with the Executive Team, the Vice President for Administration is authorized to establish and administer regulations and procedures in order to provide physical security of Westmont College facilities and its occupants, and to provide for administration and control of campus keys. The administration of key control shall be delegated to the Office of Public Safety.

Control of Locking Devices

The Office of Public Safety shall be responsible for the maintenance of key control including the issuing of keys, key control record keeping and lock change authorizations.

No individual may use personal locking devices except for personal lockers at the gym and in work areas. Locks owned by Westmont may not be changed or re-keyed without approval of the Public Safety Manager.

All unauthorized locking devices will be removed. Any damage or repair necessitated by the removal of unauthorized locks will be the responsibility of the individual found in violation of this policy.

Key Authorization and Eligibility

Executive Officers, Department Heads, and Directors, shall be the only personnel authorized to request keys or lock changes within their respective areas. Executive Officers, Department Heads, and Directors are requested to carefully consider all requests for keys so that the protection and security of Westmont community members, facilities and property are maintained.

In no case shall the issuance of keys be authorized by the same person to whom the keys are to be issued.

Residence hall master keys will not be issued to students except to Resident Assistants as approved by the Associate Dean of Residence Life in accordance with their job responsibilities.  Grand master keys will be issued to employees evidencing a continuing need for the key(s) only upon the approval of the Executive Team. 

Obtaining a Key

Executive Officers, Department Heads, and Directors will request a key via the Online Key Request system.  The Office of Public Safety will process all completed and approved requests. All keys shall be picked up at the Physical Plant main office and signed for by the individual receiving the key.
Recipients of Westmont keys will be responsible for their safekeeping and at no time should leave them unattended (e.g., hanging in a door lock, lying on a desk). Westmont keys are not to be loaned to anyone for any reason.  Keys shall not be exchanged between individuals.

Return of Keys

All keys shall be returned to the Physical Plant Main Office when leaving Westmont as a student or an employee or transferring to another department. The Director of Public Safety may request the return of a key if the occupancy for a building changes, in emergency situations where building areas are unsafe to occupy, and where special security situations might occur.

Duplication of Keys

The duplication of keys by anyone other than the Westmont locksmith is prohibited unless authorized by the Public Safety Manager.

Lost Keys - Residence Halls

The loss of a residence hall room key should be reported immediately to the Resident Director, who will issue a spare key and ask security to re-key the lock. The re-keying charge is $30. In order to prevent non-occupants from gaining unauthorized access to residence hall rooms, room keys should not be attached to any kind of identification card.

The loss or suspected loss of any residence hall key is to be reported immediately to the Resident Director or the Public Safety Manager.


Lost Keys - Academic and Administrative Buildings

The loss of academic or administrative building keys should be reported immediately to the Office of Public Safety at 565-6222.  Public Safety shall investigate each incident of lost keys and may authorize lock changes needed because of a breach of security.  Those who have lost academic or administrative building keys will be billed for replacement keys: $30 for the first occurrence; $75 for the second occurrence; and $150 for the third occurrence.  Any other expenses for replacement keys, master keys, new locks and hardware will be billed to the employee's department. An appeal to the Vice President of Administration or the Chief Academic Officer may be made in regards to the billing.

Annual Inventory

Once each year, every department will be provided an inventory list of keys that have been issued. The department will be required to certify the accuracy of the list.


Questions about this policy may be directed to the Public Safety Manager or

to the Vice President of Administration


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