Master Agreements with Select Suppliers

Updated 12/01/2017

Master Agreements with Select Providers - Suppliers with a successful history of working with Westmont may establish a Master Agreement with the Office of Procurement that covers the college's requirements for critical elements such as required permits, sufficient insurance, and conditions for operating on our campus. Once a supplier has established a Master Agreement, review and approval of subsequent "work/event orders" is significantly expedited. The Office of Procurement maintains a list of approved contracts including Master Agreements.

Agreements with Other Providers - If a Master Agreement is not (or not yet) in place for a supplier, then the Contract Review Protocol should be initiated, allowing sufficient time for this process to be completed.

Requests for Master Agreement - If you wish to have a supplier considered for a Master Agreement, or if you have any questions, please call Bill Groeneveld in the Office of Procurement at x6849 or email